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17 July 2016

Rimworld: Beginner Tips And Tricks To Surviving And Learning The Game

Publisher and developer Ludeon Studio’s strategy survival game that puts players’ wits to the test is now on Early Access. In this guide, folks will learn how to do the basics in Rimworld, and how to survive against any incoming problems they might face in their playthrough. The game is out now for PC via Steam Early Access.

If you don’t know what Rimwolrd is, it’s an indie survival simulation game that offers up a variety of challenges across different levels of life, such as psychology, ecology and so on. Learning the world in the game is a key essential to surviving, which brings us to the game’s main description.

“A sci-fi colony sim driven by an intelligent AI storyteller. Inspired by Dwarf Fortress and Firefly. Generates stories by simulating psychology, ecology, gunplay, melee combat, climate, biomes, diplomacy, interpersonal relationships, art, medicine, trade, and more.”

The game holds a lot to be an indie project, which we will dive into in this basic guide to understanding Rimworld.

Creating the World

Once in the game, folks will find that if they hit Create World on the main screen they will be able to play with the seed and size. From here you can mess around with the dimensions, which many folks say the standard settings are a good size when starting off. The standard size of the map doesn’t cause any lag, and can be saved after it’s generated.


The first thing you will be able to pick is a storyteller and a difficulty level. The AI Storytellers determine the events that will take place during your game. You can do your own research to find what fits you best, but it is recommended that you start of with Phoebe Basebuilder, or Cassandra Classic on an easy, or mid-difficultly setting like Rough.

Selecting a World

Pick the world you created previously, which should be followed by picking a temperate forest biome to start off with. Something that will also come in handy is starting your growing season from spring to fall, and starting on large to mid-large hills since they provide a lot of easy going content.


Upon hitting the randomize button on your colony will change their stats as many times as it is hit. You will need good stats that are mixed so that your colony is balanced. It’s good to remember that your characters can only do one thing at a time and they need time to do other basic things to stay alive.

In addition to the characters, skills like medicine, cooking, growing, mining and shooting are important to have in the beginning so that it creates a balance among your colony. This now brings us to rolling their stats. Make sure that the person you are creating is good at one of the skills noted above, and have a double or single passion (fire symbol) in it so that they can learn faster. Make sure that their Incapable of is very miniscule in traits, this will come in handy so that the character won’t be hindered by so many potent traits.

Lastly, make sure that your character Traits do not hold anything like lazy, slothful, slowpoke, pessimist and depressive. It’s also important not to create older characters, because they are more susceptible to catching diseases and other problematic status effects.

With that summed up, you can watch CohhCarnage‘s videos showing everything that a beginner player needs to know. All the info might be broken down into three parts, but I think that it is worth it if you are looking to understand the game better without becoming frustrated.

if you want to try the game out now, it is currently running with an asking price of $29.99, which is quite a bit in my opinion. As of now, it has an overall review of overwhelmingly positive and can be downloaded by heading over to Early Access.

To learn more about Rimworld, you can visit the dev team’s official website to get more info.

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