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1418020cookie-checkThe Division Glitch Lets You Solo Run The Dragon’s Nest Incursion

The Division Glitch Lets You Solo Run The Dragon’s Nest Incursion

Tom Clancy’s The Division is broken, and I mean broken. The new Mobile Cover glitch now allows folks to solo run the new Dragon’s Nest Incursion with no other players to help. But, if you do have others the mission can be cheesed a whole lot quicker and without any casualties in Ubisoft’s The Division.

There’s a new way to solo run the Dragon’s Nest Incursion without having to die, which can be done by using the newly resurrected Mobile Cover glitch. If you decide to bring some friends along to help with the mission it will go by even faster, without having to use the immunizer skill or constantly healing/reviving teammates.

There are only two places the Mobile Cover glitch works best when doing the mission. The first location is down in the subway with a huge gated fence that stops anyone from going up the escalators. The second part is outside near the back of the broken bus before fighting the Four Horsemen, which should be a fence to your left where you should be able to do the Mobile Cover glitch.

These two areas will help you cheese the mission whether you are running solo or with a team. The video can be viewed below thanks to Cronic Gamerz. The subway/escalator part starts around 2:19, and the second bus part starts around 5:13.

This glitch will help speed up the mission by a lot because you or your teammates will never have to face the enemies upfront, while shooting them from a safe space. With that said, it’s likely that this glitch might get patched soon, so you best use it while its currently active.

Both patch 1.3 and the new Incursion — Dragon’s Nest — are out now for PC and Xbox One, while PS4 players will gain access to both on August 2nd. The Division is out now for PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

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