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1419950cookie-checkTom Clancy’s The Division Precision Glitch Increases Weapon DPS

Tom Clancy’s The Division Precision Glitch Increases Weapon DPS

There’s a new glitch that affects your weapon’s DPS in The Division, almost similar but not quite like the Dark Zone instant kill glitch. This one revolves around the Operation named Sickness and the ability Precision, which if done correctly, you will deal more damage with this glitch.

The new glitch, which I’m sure is old to some veteran glitchers, works great if you have the Sickness activated. If you don’t know where the Sickness is, head to your Directives and go to the section where it displays the Sickness at the bottom. Some of the options in there should be unlocked to do this glitch, unless you have another glitch up your sleeve to unlock locked Directives.

The second step calls for folks to head to their abilities and select the skill Precision. Equip the Security skill Precision and you will notice that three buffs will pop up over your head when following Precision’s description, reading:

  • +Critical Hit Chance
  • +Critical Hit Damage
  • +Damage vs pulsed targets.

It’s worth noting that skills like Immunizer will clear the status effect. This will disrupt the constant buff and will leave you with your health draining. This will also turn the three damage enhancements off, unless you follow Precision’s requirements to achieve said stats back.

Seeing how broken this game is, there’s no doubt that the devs will try to fix it while creating new glitches in the process. In addition, I suggest that you use it while you can for extra damage before the devs patch it.

YouTuber Go Gaming (better known as GamesGlitches) has a video showing how to do the Precision glitch to get constant critical and damage buffs, shown below.

If you are interested in playing Massive and Ubisoft’s glitchy game, Tom Clancy’s The Division is out now for PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

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