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PS4 Slim Images Supposedly Leak

Some images of the PlayStation 4 Slim have supposedly leaked online courtesy of user shortmaneighty2.

According to Gamesradar the PS4 Slim appeared on Gumtree for auction ahead of its retail release. Heck, somehow this auction took place before Sony even had time to announce that a PlayStation 4 Slim was even in production.

The leaked images are being spread all across Twitter, with a series of images supposedly showing the new console in a home environment, including comparisons to the standard PS4.

The thing is, we can’t take these images and news at face value.

Not too long ago there were rumors and images of the Nintendo NX. Remember When those mock-ups surfaced showing a supposed NX handheld tablet on a desktop with a touchscreen.

It turned out that those NX mock-ups were actually fake.

Now some people might question, how on Earth could the images of the PS4 Slim be fake? Well, in the case of the Nintendo NX mock-ups it was actually a 3D printed case based on a 3D render.

It’s not too hard to believe that someone printed out a smaller PS4 unit based on the original unit. Given that there’s no actual confirmation that a real PlayStation 4 Slim is on the way, then it’s no surprise that someone could have customized their own slim looking for 15 minutes of media fame. Based on one of the images, the design and texture of the material looks like what’s used in 3D printers, so it’s a toss up.

Of course, there’s also the possibility that Sony has been prepping for the PS4 Neo’s launch and may have a slim version on the way to accompany the Neo in a one-two combination, similar to how Microsoft has the Xbox One and Xbox One S on the market.

Until we see some legitimate announcements from Sony then we can likely chalk this up as a fake.

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