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PSN Now Has 2-Step Verification

Security has been an issue for PlayStation gamers since the great hack of the PlayStation Network back in June of 2011. For normies I’m sure they’ve been told it was the legendary hacker 4chan who perpetrated the crime, but I’m here to tell you, 4chan couldn’t hack its way out of Hotpocket’s box.

Anyway, Sony has been ridiculed for the past five years for using ancient security measures that are about as reliable as Hillary Clinton’s secret e-mail server.

GamesRadar is reporting that two-step authentication is now up and activate for those willing to take the necessary steps to avoid having their PSN information raped by uncouth information ravagers and personal identification pillagers.

Sony opened up a new section on the official PlayStation website that enables PlayStation gamers to register for the new security measure.


You now have the option of inserting your password and an additional security code that can be sent to your mobile phone. Once you receive that code, you can input it into the verification screen to access your account. Unless someone has slippery hands and you have no nerves in your buttocks and they manage to slip your phone out your back pocket and have managed to figure out your PSN ID, there’s no way great hackers – like the president of hacking, the great hacker 4chan – could ever get into your account. I

mean, CNN obviously believed the hacker 4chan was/is dangerous. So if CNN says it, it must be true… right? Right?  I mean, the mainstream media wouldn’t lie would they?

Now if you want to do the right thing and protect yourself with the digital condom against account theft, and avoid being another victim of the great hacker known as 4chan, you can activate the two-step authentication right now.

Sony is only half a decade behind services like Origin and Steam when it comes to keeping digital data safe from account crackers and password hackers. But I suppose it’s better late than never, right?

You can activate the two-step authentication right now by visiting the activation page through the security portal on the official PlayStation website.

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