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1424650cookie-checkWeekly Recap Aug 27th: Crash Override Network Leaks Reveal Operation Of Abuse

Weekly Recap Aug 27th: Crash Override Network Leaks Reveal Operation Of Abuse

Citizen journalists and anonymous activists have leaked chat logs from the Crash Override Network, oftentimes referred to as CON. The chat logs have revealed systematic abuse of network privileges by some members, including their attempts to dox members of a #GamerGate Facebook group and get them fired from their jobs, as well as revelations that some of their members have purposefully sabotaged a Disney production that was worth $400,000.

There’s nothing else that really compares to the CON leaks this week, and it absolutely pales news like the PS4 Slim or the official shutdown of Nevertheless, it was still a jam packed seven days full of interesting news tidbits for the week ending on August 27th. These stories and so much more in this edition of the Weekly Recap.


PS4 Slim Rumored For Release

Some images of the PS4 Slim have surfaced, giving people the impression that Sony could be releasing a new SKU alongside the long-rumored PS4 Neo. Need a little help getting your hands on the Trophies and Achievements in Deus Ex: Mankind Divided? Well, there’s a Trophy guide available. A new RPG from Platinum Games called Granblue Fantasy Project Re: Link is on the way for home consoles and it could end up shaping up to be one of the studios’ more mysterious projects in recent times. And a new post-apocalyptic RPG called Morning Men is in development that could prove to be interesting for gamers looking for some pixelated survival antics.
Gawker Officially Shuts Down is no more. Nick Denton made the final post on the site as Univision closed up the shop of one of the most tawdry outlets on the internet. has officially shut down. The game Allison Road was supposed to be a spiritual successor to P.T. Demo and Silent Hills but things didn’t quite turn out so well when the developers ran into publisher troubles and then ran into financial trouble, but now the game is back and things are back on track. Nintendo and the IOC teamed up to showcase Super Mario on the ground stage of the closing ceremony of the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro, basically showing that while the rest of media has a hard-on for attacking video games, Japan and Nintendo are all about embracing and celebrating gaming. And new details have emerged for Oceanhorn 2: Knigs of The Lost Realm for those interested in the upcoming title.
PS4 Slim Unboxing Video Surfaces

Well, I guess we can officially lay rest the claims or speculation that the PS4 Slim is fake. An unofficial unboxing video has surfaced showcasing the PS4 Slim in action, along with a slightly modified and redesigned DualShock 4 that has a new lightbar feature for the player indicator. The new Cemu 1.5.6 is making lots of great headway in the emulation department, improving performance and frame-rate by leaps and bounds over the 1.5.5 predecessor, including increasing the frame-rate performance by 10 whole fps for some games. We managed to sneak in an interview with Max Pescatori, famed poker player and worldwide champ; Max has been an adviser for 505 Games and Pipeworks for their new free-to-play poker game, Prominence Poker. And the playable beta demo for NiOh has gone live for PlayStation 4 gamers, enabling them to download the demo right now and get in some game time with the new hack-and-slash title.


PlayStation Plus Subscription Price Raised

Sony is getting a little bold, raising the price of PS Plus for PlayStation gamers. The price is getting hiked by up to $10 for most U.S., residents and by up to $20 for Canadians. Sony also has plans on releasing PS Now for PC and the system requirements have been made public. New DLC for Dark Souls III has been revealed called Ashes of Ariandel. A new game called Think To Die is an interesting title that likely will have 4chan members excited because you have to find ways to kill yourself.
Zoe Quinn Admits To Sabotaging The Polaris Game Jam

The big news this week were all the chat logs leaked from the Crash Override Network Skype group. The logs revealed some damaging details from some members of the group who doxxed those using the GamerGate hashtag, as well as Zoe Quinn revealing that she helped sabotage the Polaris Game Jam.Ian Miles Cheong from Heat Street also wrote a piece about the doxxing and abuse attempts carried out by certain members of Crash Override Network, shedding all new light on the outfit’s intentions. A new chapter has been filed in the ongoing Counter-Strike: Global Offensive gambling lawsuit, with CSGO Shuffle and James “Phantomlord” Varga being added to the mix. The highly anticipated Of Kings and Men has finally entered into Steam Early Access, and the minds behind the Binding of Isaac have teased their latest creation.


Mortal Kombat XL Is Coming To PC After All

After it looked like Warner Bros had given up on PC gamers after they screwed them over royally with Batman: Arkham Knight, it appears as if they’ve managed to return to the Glorious PC Master Race with a beta of Mortal Kombat XL on Steam. We managed to get in an interview with the developers of the game Fan The Sea, which centers around lying and deceiving your way through the game in order to complete your objectives. And the PlayStation Network now supports two-step authentication for securing accounts, which is probably a huge sigh of relief for those who have been worried about security since the 2011 hack.

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