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Destiny Rise Of Iron: Here’s How To Glitch The Wretched Eye Boss And Escape The Map 2020

As fast as Destiny Rise of Iron hit PS4 and Xbox One, a new glitch has been discovered that allows you to sit through the whole Wretched Eye Nightfall fight without really having to do much. Another glitch in ROI also allows you to escape the dome in the Plaguelands and travel around. Destiny Rise Of Iron is out now for PS3, PS4 Xbox 360, and Xbox One.

Clearing things right off the bat, this glitch with the Wretched Eye Boss has been out now for one day and a half. Somehow dedicated glitches and cheese masters found this glitch as soon as the expansion for Rise of Honor became available.

Most will already know that you are going up against Kovik (a Fallen Splicer Priest) and his Ogre, so let’s skip ahead some. Go to the backroom to find a small pile to the right side of the Hive structure and jump up in the rock cavern. Once in here, the Ogre’s attacks will not be able to hit you from your glitched location.

I’d suggest that you check out the video below by YearOne 1607, which shows the glitched location. The video also shows how to beat the boss while in the cavern in the wall.

The next glitch isn’t anything special and is almost borderline pointless, but a lot of people seem to like this glitch. If you want to escape the dome or map in the Plaguelands you will need to follow a specific route, and jump up into a shaft in the ceiling to find the glitched area.

This glitched area will take you all across the very weird and glitched out jumping place that almost serves no point. But, if you want to join other Guardians in search of what this space means, you can check out a video by Rampant Gaming.

I should note that some of these glitches are prone to being fixed in the near future. So it’s best to use or explore whatever glitch you come across before the next hot fix or patch.

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