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1425530cookie-checkEthan Ralph From Has Been Arrested, Jailed

Ethan Ralph From Has Been Arrested, Jailed

Once known as a loud and aggressive voice during the early days of #GamerGate, Ethan Ralph became notorious for his unbridled opinions and attack-dog nature against anyone who was unfortunate enough to get stuck between his crosshairs. The Ralph Retort was both an information source and later a trashing ground for hit-pieces designed to tear down and destroy the opposition. Well, the owner of The Ralph Retort, Ethan Ralph, has been arrested and jailed for disorderly conduct and assaulting law enforcers.

Gamertics did a brief write-up on Ralph, picking up the news after it was reported that he was being held at the Loudoun County Adult Detention Center in Virginia.

The thread over on Kotaku in Action has been keeping track of developments, linking to tweets from Super Nerdland’s John Sweeney who revealed that bail has been denied for Ralph at the time of writing this article.

Ralph had become infamously reviled in some circles of #GamerGate due to the hit-pieces targeting people like Liana Kerzner, Oliver Campbell and other so-called “#GamerGate e-celebs” for one reason or another. While there was a time when Ralph was considered a reliable asset for exposing elements of corruption or wrongdoing – including pointing out in a report that Brianna Wu was still giving interviews from home while claiming to have fled away in terror from #GamerGate – the extremist nature of The Ralph Retort ended up pushing a lot of moderates away.

Sadly the pit bull nature of Ralph’s reporting – gaining him both followers and critics alike – ended up seeing him and his outlet being compared to sites like, which is now defunct.

Ralph’s arrest was triggered when police found him asleep and drunk at the Holiday Park Dr. location. When they attempted to wake him up he apparently assaulted the officers, which led to his arrest, according to the Loudoun County Sheriff’s daily report.

Gamertics is reporting that there’s a potential $2,500 fine and up to six months in jail as a minimum mandatory sentence, and a potential maximum amount of jail time of five years if he’s convicted.

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