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After Death Offers Classic MetroidVania Action Platforming

This is an indie game that is now looking to be Greenlit for Steam. After Death is a 2D side-scrolling adventure game that follows the Super Metroid and Castlevania style of adventure platforming, that was put together by a small team of only two developers.

If you are a long time fan of Sega Genesis style adventure platform games, then After Death just might be something you will be interested in and would like to play. After Death has a pretty straight forward story, you play as a skeleton that is trying to find its way out of the violent mysterious world it is trapped in, by locating a special gate that will allow you to leave and move on. You will be guided with the help of other Lost souls as you venture through this dark world to find the Gate to your freedom. Does the gate even exist? Where does this mysterious gate lead to? Well, I guess you’ll have to make it to the gate and find out.

The graphics and art style is in a 16 bit pixel-art and features a large and detailed world for you to explore. After Death has about seven different ambiences, and within those locations the developers added in one additional alternate version for each location, giving about 14 different environments or so.

You will be able to explore the world, upgrade your character and collect power-ups to get stronger. As for enemies, there will be 21 monster types, 7 mini-bosses, and 14 large boss battles for you to fight your way through. The developers released a gameplay trailer for After Death so I linked the video below so you can see a bit of what the game has to offer.

After Death is currently scheduled for a release date of 2017, but if you would like to see it come to the Steam Store, you can cast your vote by visiting their Steam Greenlight page. For additional information and details about After Death, you can also visit the developer’s website to learn more.

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