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1430040cookie-checkDNC Denies Paid Corruption; Disbursements And Video Reveal Corruption

DNC Denies Paid Corruption; Disbursements And Video Reveal Corruption

The videos that the Veritas Project released have caused quite a stir, resulting in some shake-ups within the shadow organizations working under the Democratic National Committee; the same groups designed to stir the pot and create controversial media moments by inciting protests and violence at Trump rallies.

CNN is reporting that Scott Foval, one of the field operatives for a political action committee sub-group, was fired after the Veritas videos from guerrilla journalist James O’Keefe aired. Bob Creamer, Foval’s boss, resigned shortly thereafter.

Creamer was not only Foval’s boss but he’s also a frequent contributor to the Huffington Post, regularly writing puff pieces for Clinton while attacking Trump. The same Huffington Post who was outed in the Wikileaks Podesta e-mails for colluding with the Clinton campaign, and the same Post who also fired a journalist for bringing up Hillary’s health.

Despite the obvious agenda pushing and circle of corruption centering around the DNC and the media, Democratic National Committee interim chair, Donna Brazile, wrote CNN a statement denying involvement with Creamer, the actions of the PACs or the violence that ensued, stating…

“The practices described in the video by this temporary regional sub-contractor do not in any way comport with our long standing policies on organizing events, and those statements and sentiments do not represent the values that the Committee holds dear. We do not believe, or have any evidence, to suggest, that the activities articulated in the video actually occurred… James O’Keefe is a convicted criminal with a history of doctoring video to advance his ideological agenda.”

The unnecessary ad hominem aside, there actually is evidence that Clinton’s campaign, super PACs representing the Clinton campaign, and other sub-groups working to further the Democratic agenda have all had a financial hand in the dealings mentioned in the videos by O’Keefe.

In fact, the disbursements data for the PACs show that Hillary for America paid one of the operatives shown in the video, who admitted to carrying out disruptive tactics to smear the Trump campaign.

The disbursements data is available for public viewing on the Federal Election Commission site.


According to Zulema Rodriguez, Bob Creamer and Scott Foval, they were constant talks with the DNC and Hillary’s campaign every single day, discussing what sort of actions they would take against the Trump and Sanders’ campaigns, including inciting violence at Trump’s rallies. Creamer and Foval made it known that Clinton was kept in the loop for whatever actions they took. Rodriguez states in the undercover footage by Project Veritas

“I just had a call with the campaign and the [Democratic National Committee]. Every day at one-o’-clock.


“[…] Oh then, we also did the Arizona one where we shut the highway down.”

Either Brazile wasn’t made aware of the fact that one of the shadow group’s operatives is being directly paid by Hillary For America and has admitted to being in contact with the DNC, or Brazile is willfully claiming ignorance. Right now the elephant in the room that has not been addressed is the fact that the disbursements and Rodriguez’ statements prove collusion, despite Brazile denying involvement.

Hopefully a federal investigation will be launched and the phone records can be acquired, which will ultimately prove whether or not what Creamer, Rodriguez and Foval say are true and if they really were in talks with the super PACs, the Democratic National Committee and Hillary’s campaign on a daily basis.

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