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1429060cookie-checkDonald Trump’s Campaign Was Part Of Democrat’s “Pied Piper” Plan, According To Leaks
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Donald Trump’s Campaign Was Part Of Democrat’s “Pied Piper” Plan, According To Leaks

The Democratic National Committee has been playing everyone all along. They were desperately banking on one of three Republican candidates becoming a Presidential hopeful. They narrowed the field to Ted Cruz, Ben Carson and Donald Trump. The plan? To create a “Pied Piper” out of one of the three, using them to represent extremist views to undermine the Republican candidacy.

According to a Wikileaks post (you’ll find it on the tab with attachments where you can download a PDF of the e-mail) as part of their big October blowout ahead of the U.S., Presidential elections on November 8th, the e-mails from the Democratic National Committee revealed that they wanted a “Pied Piper” spouting the most extremist views from the Republican party to become the front-runner. The sole purpose of having said “Pied Piper” in place was for destroying their reputation, having old dirt dug up and used to smear their name, and to make it easy for Hillary Clinton to take the seat in the Oval Office.


According to the e-mail, which was circulated to Hillary Clinton’s campaign team and the Democratic National Committee, the idea was to setup and undermine whoever the Republican party had from their pool of candidates.

The goal, according to the DNC, was to get someone selected that would be an extreme representation of the Republican party (like Trump) and then undermine them by propping them up with extremist views that would divide people and potentially push moderates away (such as polarizing views on immigration reform and foreign policy) and then “muddy” the waters with salacious and tawdry material spread through the media to create consistent scandals any time Clinton’s campaign came under the attack (like Trump making unsavory comments while the mic was hot during an Access Hollywood interview 11 years ago).


The whole Presidential campaign comes across as a social engineering experiment and not like two rightful candidates vying for office who actually deserve it based on what they will do for the American people.

According to the leaked e-mails, Clinton’s campaign managers and the Democrats had no plans on elevating Clinton as a vote-worthy candidate based on policies and merit, but essentially she would be pushed through on deescalating the worth of her Republican opponent. In the e-mail to the DNC members, they write…

“As we all know, the right wing attack machine has been building its opposition research on Hillary Clinton for decades. The RNC et al has been telegraphing they are ready to attack and do so with reckless abandon. One way we can respond to these attacks is to show how they boomerang onto the Republican presidential field. The goal, then, is to have a dossier on the GOP candidates on the likely attacks HRC will face. […]


“In this regard, any information on scandals or ethical lapses on the GOP candidates would serve well. We won’t be picky.”

Part of the DNC’s plan appears to have backfired, though.

The American people are absolutely tired of the corruption and backroom politics, something that has tarnished the spirit of democracy and undermined the values that citizens would like to see represented by candidates running for President.

Worse yet is that the media have proven to be part of the whole ordeal, as revealed in the original DNC leaks back in June, where some journalists had their content checked first by the DNC before going to print to ensure it stayed on message, as reported by Zero Hedge.

There doesn’t appear to be any turnaround from this plan already put into play by the DNC, and some people will likely either vote for Trump out of no confidence or not vote at all. One thing is for sure, Trump’s campaign was part of the Democrat’s plan the whole time. I’m sure many Republican voters are feeling like “Kaz” from Metal Gear right about now.

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