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Here’s How To Find All Item Locations In Dark Souls 3: Ashes Of Ariandel

In this guide for Dark Souls 3: Ashes of Ariandel, which is out now for PC, PS4 and Xbox One, folks will learn how to find all weapons, armor, rings and spells. Additionally this guide will also detail each weapon, armor and spell’s location, and how to obtain them.

To find the weapon Follower Javelin you must head to the Snowfield Bonfire. You will find it by traveling uphill near a cliff. The video below shows the Follower Javelin location at 0:10.

The video below comes in by YouTuber xTGE.

Still in the Snowfield Bonfire, players will find the spell Frozen Weapon by heading near a dead thing out in the field. The Frozen Weapon will be sitting right near a downhill slope. You can find the spell at 0:37.

The next weapon is the Millwood Battle Axe and can be found in the Snowfield Bonfire. Head to a dilapidated tower and go upstairs and up a ladder to some more stairs. Once at the highest part of the tower jump over to a fallen warrior, and you will find the Millwood Battle Axe, which is seen at 1:05.

Continuing from the same location, from the tower, head outside of the top floor of the tower and up a ladder. On a support beam you will find an Umbral Ash that stands to be a Champion’s Ashes. This can be seen at 2:04.

The weapon the Ethereal Oak Shield can still be found in the surrounding area by dropping down a flight of stairs to the left near a big Kite Shield. This is evident at 2:46.

The Millwood Greatbow weapon can be found in the Snowfield Bonfire at 2:57. The video reveals by going in the opposite direction of the tower’s entrance you will find the Millwood Greatbow.

To find the ring Chillbite Ring you must head to the location of Ariandel Chapel Bonfire. By talking to Friede you will obtain the Chillbite Ring, which is shown at 3:35.

The next weapon on the list is the Crow Talons and is stationed in Corvian Settlement Bonfire. Upon climbing a ladder to the top of a roof and dropping on a bridge, go through a building and around to the outer wall. Travel on the wall to get to a wooden plank that will lead you to another roof that will bring you to the Crow Talons. The weapon is shown at 4:25.

To find the Crow Quills head to Corvian Settlement Bonfire. At 5:18 folks will see how to obtain the weapon.

Starting at 5:35 folks will see how to get the Slave Knight Hood at the Corvian Settlement Bonfire. by going in the same location as in the Crow Talons, instead drop down the first building with the ladder to find the armor Slave Knight Hood.

To find the spell Way of White Corona, go to the Corvian Settlement Bonfire and head to a dilapidated church-like building to find the spell, which is shown at 6:13.

Starting at 6:36 the location for the weapon Onyx Blade can be found once again in the Corvian settlement Bonfire, and can be obtained by killing Sir Vilhelm.

Out in the Snowy Mountain Pass Bonfire the weapon Follower Shield can be found by heading down and following the coast of the rocky mountain wall, until you find the shield in a crevice. This is shown at 7:26.

To find the weapon Follower Torch you must head to the Snowy Mountain Pass Bonfire. Once there you will find the weapon by dropping down a small ledge, which can be seen at 7:58.

The Quakestone Hammer weapon can be found at the Snowy Mountain Pass Bonfire, which is shown at 8:20.

The weapon Earth Seeker is in the Snowy Mountain Pass Bonfire, and can be found by dropping down some ledges and going to a dead warrior’s body in a small cave. This is shown at 8:57.

The armor set Vilhem’s Set can be found in the Snowy Mountain Pass Bonfire, by heading down a hole in the floor and dropping down with a bunch of skeletons. This is revealed at 9:34.

By heading over to the Snowy Mountain Pass Bonfire, the weapon Pyromancer’s Parting Flame can be found by going down the hole with the skeletons and breaking a hidden wall. By going outside and down a twining tree you will find the weapon on a dead body near the end of a broken bridge. This can be seen at 9:55.

The Spell Floating Chaos can be found still in the Snowy Mountain Pass Bonfire. By going to a center ground that has a boss character there, you will receive the spell by killing the Dark Spirit. This is shown at 11:14.

At the Firelink Shrine the weapons Rose of Ariandel & Friede’s Great Scyth can be bought. This can be seen at 11:50.

Starting at 12:26 the Follower Sabre in Ariandel Chapel Bonfire can be obtained by going down a fallen bridge like a ladder, and heading to a twining section of trees.

Revealing the location of a spell at 13:22, the Snap Freeze in stationed at the Depth of Painting Bonfire. By heading straight you will be able to find the spell in some remains on the ground.

Still in the Depths of Painting Bonfire another weapon can be found, this time it is the Valorheart & Champion’s Bones. This weapon can be found after killing the great wolf boss. You can see this at 14:00.

The armor known as the Follower Armor set can be farmed from Follower Enemies. This can be seen at 14:17.

At 14:37 the armor Milwood Armor set can be seen, which can be purchased from the Shrine Handmaid.

The Ordained armor set can be seen at 14:56, and can be obtained from the Shrine Handmaid.

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