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1430610cookie-checkHillary Clinton, Donna Brazile, DNC Implicated In Multiple FEC Violations

Hillary Clinton, Donna Brazile, DNC Implicated In Multiple FEC Violations

Additional videos, evidence, links, and e-mails tying the Clinton campaign, the Democratic National Convention and shadow organizations paid to create disruption during the election against Clinton’s opponents, have all surfaced. The most striking thing about all this new content is that it clearly points to evidence of collusion and illegal activity seemingly carried out by Clinton’s campaign and the DNC, violating the basic Federal Election Commission regulations.

First, Project Veritas released a new 14 minute video covering more disruption tactics by Americans United For Change and the paid operatives like Scott Foval – who was fired following the original Project Veritas videos relating to Clinton’s campaign – admitting to staging events for negative attention geared toward Trump.

The head of Americans United For Change, Bob Creamer — who resigned following the original Project Veritas videos — explained in the undercover footage…

“[…] in the end, it was the candidate, Hillary Clinton, the future President of the United States, who wanted dusck on the ground, so by God, we will get ducks on the ground.”

The ducks refer to Donald Duck – they planned to rent costumes and have them holding up various signs to insinuate that Donald Trump “ducks” paying his taxes.

In one of the other clips, Foval explains…

“So, the operation is to insert and get the duck message in there if we can, or the extremist message, depending on… we have to clear this with DNC [the Democratic National Committee] we have to clear which message we’re going to be targeting at each event.


“But they can insert into multiple events, now, through the end of the election on a continual basis, on a daily basis. But basically do a chase all across the country.”

Foval later goes on to explain that they hatched the idea for the Donald Duck scheme with the DNC and Clinton’s campaign back in May. However, credit had to be moved around due to trademark issues between ABC and Disney that Donna Brazile, the interim chair of the Democratic National Committee, wanted to avoid. Creamer explains the situation later in the video, saying…

“The duck has to be an Americans United For Change entity. This had to do only with some problem between Donna Brazile and ABC, which is owned by Disney, because they were worried about a trademark issue. That’s why. It’s really silly.”


“[…] We originally launched this duck because Hillary Clinton wants the duck.”


“[…] Donna Brazile had a connection with them and she didn’t want to get sued. So we switched the ownership of the duck to Americans United for Change and now our signs say “Trump duscks releasing his tax returns.” and we haven’t had anymore trouble.”

The trademark issue was actually serious enough to get the attention of media, including a report by the Wall Street Journal on September 8th, 2016 entitled “DNC Cuts Ties With ‘Donald Ducks’”. They cite that the duck idea went from the Democratic National Commitee to Americans United For Change, corroborating what Bob Creamer mentions in the video above.

According to the Project Veritas video, there are laws in place to prevent these kind of coordinated machinations from interfering with election campaigns. According to the Federal Election Commission and the Code of Federal Elections §109.21 sub-section C, three-prong coordination involves payment, content and conduct.

The Next News Network did a video explicitly showing that one of the operatives working with the shadow organization alongside the Democratic National Committee and Clinton’s campaign was not only paid by Hillary’s campaign but was also involved in protests and other anarchistic activities that helped spawn violence surrounding Trump’s campaign. That covers two of the three prongs when it comes to the Code of Federal Elections’ communication standards.

Next News points to payments made to Zulema Rodriguez by the Hillary For America campaign, which is publicly available on the Federal Election Commission’s website. It was revealed that Rodriguez was paid thousands to create disruptions on behalf of the DNC while working with Scott Foval and Bob Creamer, and she’s caught on video taking credit for the Chicago violence that erupted when Trump attempted to give a speech there, along with taking credit for the Arizona incident, for which she appeared in various videos from news media covering the event. Rodriguez was just one of many individuals involved.


They also point to e-mails released by Wikileaks revealing communication between Christina Reynolds, the deputy communications director for Hillary Clinton’s campaign, and Bob Creamer’s Americans United For Change, which blatantly reveals their disruption tactics during a Republican National Committee meeting with Trump and Ryan. The e-mail is dated May 10th, 2016, where Eric Walker from the DNC explains to Reynolds and others…

“Discussed with [Bob] Creamer, et. al. today. We are calling through allied groups to get some folks out front of the RNC before 9 a.m. There will be a separate action in front of the NRSC at 11:30 with the message being “Don’t Let Republicans Trump the Supreme Court” – mostly being handled by woodhouse / groups that have been engaged on SCOTUS push I don’t think there will be a speaking program – just a demonstration. We should come up with signs to pass out.”

Later in the chain they mention that the AUFC [Americans United For Change] “has it covered” after Luis Miranda says that they should have signs up that read “GOP + Trump: Dangerous, Divisive, Deceitful”.

Those signs actually showed up during CNN’s coverage of the Trump and Ryan meet a day later, where the signs and plants from Americans United For Change are clearly in the shot.


Clinton’s campaign also briefly alluded to talking to the consultants for input regarding Chicago back on March 9th, 2016.

This was in addition to Jennifer Palmieri, Clinton’s director of communications, discussing “swift boat” tactics against Trump on February 26th, 2016 with Joel Johnson from the Glover Park Group, a strategic communications firm and another one of those shadow organizations like Americans United For Change.

The last prong is clearly met, which is the “Conduct Prong”. In particular, it would appear sub-section 2 applies, which states…

“If the candidate, the candidate’s authorized committee or party committee is materially involved in decisions regarding the content, intended audience, means or mode of the communication, specific media outlet used, the timing or frequency or size or prominence of a communication”

Technically, this would also apply to the coordinated hit-pieces the Clinton campaign made with The Huffington Post and The Guardian to target Bernie Sanders, which was also revealed in the Wikileaks e-mails.

According to a report from 2012 by Public Integrity, FEC commissioner Karl Sandstrom explained what would be required to fine a campaign for breaching regulation, saying…

“It requires evidence with respect to communications and conversations that took place, and usually those are not documented,”

In this case, there is documentation of payment regarding Rodriguez, and Foval, Creamer and Rodriguez have all admitted to being in direct contact with both the Democratic National Committee and Clinton’s campaign. The Wikileaks e-mails also reveal that Clinton’s campaign has been in direction communication with Creamer and the operatives. The only thing missing is actual phone conversations.

So far there have been no formal investigations into all of the evidence of corruption, and sadly media organizations like CNN have opted not to investigate, instead there have been some journalists calling all of the evidence “conspiracy theories”. On the upside, RedState is reporting that multiple complaints are being filed with the FEC regarding the Clinton campaign scandal, in addition to the allegations surrounding voter fraud and vote rigging.

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