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Hitman Cheats 1.5.1 GetSupport For Ghost Mode, Unlimited Health

With each new update that IO Interactive rolls out for the 2016 reboot of Hitman, it manages to break the available cheats that gamers have access to through cheat trainers. In the case of Hitman version 1.5.1, IO Interactive likely thought that they escaped from the grasp of the cheaters and modders, but the update wasn’t powerful enough to keep some cheat trainers at bay.

Over on the WeMod site, they have a new version of the Hitman cheats trainer that was made available for the latest update. This means anyone running the new Colorado map should be covered.

There are nine Hitman cheats available through the trainer, including unlimited health, unlimited ammo, the ability to use guns without reload, and even the new ghost mode so that you can ghost through levels without being detected. The full list of the cheats you can check out is below.

Unlimited health

Unlimited ammo

No reload

One-hit kills

No recoil


Now those are cheats. Cheats that make the game fun.

It would be pretty cool experimenting with the ghost mode to slither through the various other levels and see what kind of stuff you could pull off that would otherwise be a bit difficult when everyone can see Agent 47’s bald, shiny chrome dome glistening in the sun.

Freezing enemies seems like it would get boring quickly, but might be fun in a time stoppers sort of way. If a bunch of guys was moving in on your position and then you froze enemies and moved somewhere else, took some clothes, and then unfroze the enemies, it is funny to see what would happen.

So far gamers seem to be enjoying the cheat trainer and have consistently reported whenever certain Hitman cheats don’t work or if there are problems with accessing the game. WeMod has been quick to make changes and patch the trainer to the latest versions in order to run right properly with Hitman.

You can get your hands on the trainer right now by visiting the WeMod download page.

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