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1428890cookie-checkMafia 3 Locked At 30fps On PC, 2K Has Patch Planned

Mafia 3 Locked At 30fps On PC, 2K Has Patch Planned

2K Games has a patch planned for a FUBAR situation they created where Mafia III on PC has been capped at 30fps. Yes, a frame-rate hard-locked for a PC game.

The news first spread far and wide thanks to TotalBiscuit, the same TotalBiscuit who started up The Framerate Police, a curator on Steam that lets gamers know when a game is hard-locked at 30fps on PC.

One of the first responses to the comment was that this wouldn’t be a problem if the eighth-gen twins were adequate enough for this decade of tech.

The issue managed to find its way to various Reddit threads and all way the across the Glorious PC Master Race community, along with making waves across social media. The attention given to the fact that a game like Mafia III would be capped at 30fps on PC. The game is also capped on Xbox One and PS4, but most people have come to expect 30fps caps on home consoles… not PC.

2K has not been deaf to the complaints of the issue. In fact, after they posted up that they were aware of the issue, they announced that they would be issuing a patch for the cap, stating on the official Mafia website

“We currently have a patch running here at the studio that includes 30, 60, and unlimited frames-per-second options in the video menu, among other improvements for the PC version of Mafia III. We’re verifying the patch now to ensure everything is working as expected. If everything goes well, we expect the update to go live this weekend.”

That’s good news. In fact, after acknowledging that the cap was in place, it was just hours later that they made the post informing gamers that a patch would be coming.

Props to 2K for being smart about that because some developers/publishers will wait, and wait, and wait until things blow up and turn ugly, like… Hello Games.

If you were planning on getting the game for PC but wanted a right proper fix for that 30fps hard-lock, it might be best to wait for that patch to go live sometime over the weekend.

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