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1430380cookie-checkThe Guardian, Huffington Post Colluded With Clinton Against Bernie Sanders

The Guardian, Huffington Post Colluded With Clinton Against Bernie Sanders

More Podesta e-mails have been revealed, showing that The Huffington Post’s Elianne Ramos and The Guardian’s Jessica Valenti, amongst others, colluded with the Clinton presidential campaign to run hit-pieces against Bernie Sanders.

Wikileaks posted up additional e-mails showing collusion between the media and Clinton’s campaign, revealing that nothing in this presidential race has been even, fair or reported to the general public based on an unbiased narrative.

Lauren Peterson, Hillary Clinton’s speechwriter for the Hillary of America campaign, sent out an e-mail notifying the campaign about how well the hit-pieces were hitting home against Sanders and highlighted some of what they had in the pipeline against the Clinton opponent, writing in an e-mail dated January 20th, 2016…

“[…] this is one of the first Bernie hits that seems to really be resonating and picking up traction online.”

“Here’s our quick rundown of what is in the works in digital and digital comms land right now, keeping in mind that we are trying to do a few bigger campaign things (such as amplifying any remarks the candidate makes) and possibly sending an email, while also working with HRC, Planned Parenthood, and people who can help push this behind the scenes without our fingerprints.

“Working with bloggers and columnists to write about this from a racial justice and reproductive rights perspective, including a few people who joined us on a call to talk about the “Bernie Backlash” that was unfolding even before his remarks last night—current list is Elianne Ramos, Jessica Valenti (who is writing a column on this as we speak), Jamil Smith, Sady Doyle, Aminatou Sow, Gabe Ortiz, and others”

Unsurprisingly enough, in August of 2016 NBC reported that Elianne Ramos from the Huffington Post had joined Hillary’s campaign.

The media has consistently run stories claiming that there are conspiracy theories about them colluding with Clinton, but in the Podesta leaks there is literal admission of collusion between specific left-leaning outlets and the Clinton campaign.

On October 19th, 2016 Robert J. Samuelson from The Washington Post wrote an article saying “There’s no media conspiracy against Trump”, decrying people who say that the media is colluding with Clinton.

On October 21st, 2016 Desert News published an article by Chandra Johnson titled “Is Trump’s conspiracy narrative on the media dangerous?”, making an argument that all the facts coming out showing collusion is somehow a fabrication and illusion led on by Trump and his supporters.

Like clockwork, additional media outlets have continued to come out attacking Trump and American citizens for being completely fed up with the media’s undeniably obvious bias. Even Sanders’ supporters came under fire from the media during the “Bernie Bros” hit-pieces aimed at discrediting the candidate on the basis of his supporters being “toxic”, and even conflating Sanders with #GamerGate.

This news about collusion is nothing new, though. Throughout the Wikileaks barrage we’ve learned that Politico has colluded with the Clinton campaign, that CNN and the Associated Press have colluded with the Clinton campaign, and that there have been splinter groups paid by Hillary of America to incite violence and increase racial tensions at Trump’s rallies. The DNC e-mails also showed that they had rigged the Democratic National Convention to ensure that Sanders would not win and that Clinton would cinch the nomination. None of this is conjecture, confoundment or conspiracy… it’s literal, actual, evident fact.

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