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Final Fantasy XV: Guide To Getting Fast XP And Levels

There is a method in Final Fantasy XV that allows players to gain experience quicker and level up fast. The method includes Old Coins and Rare Coins, along with using hotels to get an extra boost to reach higher levels in Square Enix’s Final Fantasy XV which is available for Xbox One and PS4.

Looking to level up quickly in Final Fantasy XV? As of this moment there is a method to level up and gain XP quickly by doing specific things, but before jumping into them I know a lot of folks might have found a new method or even a glitch as of this moment, but this method takes beginner players from low level to higher levels quickly in a legit manner.

I expect in the future that glitches and other crazy stuff will replace this new method, but for now the Old Coin and Rare Coins, along with the other steps in this guide, will have to suffice in a new video that can be seen thanks to Dreaded Hemlock. Time stamps are also available for quick access to whatever part you wish to skip to in the video below.

  • Video introduction – 0:00
  • Crystal Extraction – 0:19
  • Old Coin – 0:57
  • Putting Things Together – 1:40
  • Using The XP Magic – 2:19
  • 10,000 GIL Hotel XP Boost (X2) – 2:46
  • Ending 4:21

For a clarification on the coin names in the video, Furui can mean “Sieve” but in the context of the game it definitely means Old, same with “Usual” which in this case means Rare.

Lastly, you can find the Old Coin and Rare Coins by exploring the surrounding areas in the game. Some are hard to find but in the video above he has a couple of their locations marked if you need to find at least one of the coins (although they may or may not be there in your game due to their status of being rare).

The latest game by Square Enix, Final Fantasy XV, is out now for PS4 and Xbox One.

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