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Pokemon Sun and Moon Gameplay Walkthrough

Nintendo and Game Freak’s Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon are available on the Nintnedo 3DS, introducing gamers to an all new location, new Pokemon to capture and new trainers to battle. For gamers looking for a walkthrough of a game there are some walkthrough guides available for the new Pokemon games.

Alola is made up of four islands. The game starts by talking about where you can find Pokemon, how you interact with them and the fact that you can battle with them. You get to pick your gender and race and your character’s name.

YouTuber MunchingOrange offers up a huge playlist for the new games, featuring 38 videos from start to finish. You can check out the videos below.

You start to actually play when you arrive on the Alola island and you can take your character and talk to your mom or examine your new home. You’ll need to talk to Professor Kukui before you can get your hands on your first Pokemon.

Pokemon Moon will run 12 hours ahead of your current Nintendo 3DS system clock, while Pokemon Sun will run on time with your 3DS.

They teach you the basic controls of the game, including holding down ‘B’ to dash. After you talk to everyone in town (but you don’t have to) head up the trail to watch the cinematic with Lillie, receive a sparkling stone and then head back to the professor for some more dialogue.

Hala the Kahuna of Alola, will allow you to choose your starter from Rowlet, Litten, and Popplio. They’re respectively a grass-type, fire-type and water-type.

Pokemon Sun & Moon

You can then nickname your starter Pokemon using the second touchscreen. You’ll get a Pokedex and then you’ll become a real pimp.

You can also tend to your Pokemon using the Pokemon refresh option from the quick menu. You can give them beans from a cafe area at a Pokemon Center to help increase your bond with them. Pokemon will also occasionally get dirty during battle, so use the grooming tools to keep the different Pokemon clean after battle.

You can also pet your Pokemon using the touchscreen. I know petting is considered lewd in America, but it’s a tame feature in Pokemon Sun and Moon.

You can use the Pokemon Passport to check your stats such as playtime and other details, or you can use the Pokedex to check on the Pokemon’s abilities, health and skills.

You’ll get your first Pokemon battle against Hau.

You can fight, head into your back, switch Pokemon or run.

A few simple hits and the match will be over with. The Professor will later teach you how to capture Pokemon at the 36:00 minute mark in the video above. When the life of a Pokemon you’re battling gets low, use a Pokeball to capture the Pokemon.

If you need a little bit of help in grinding and capturing Pokemon, there’s a focus on capturing and beating Pokemon in the second video below for Pokemon Sun and Moon courtesy of Pyropuncher.

Head to the Pokemon festival when you’re ready to move forward in the story after training or leveling up your Pokemon.

You’ll need to face off against Hau again during the festival, who has a level 6 Pichu, so make sure your Pokemon are at least level 7 or higher to ace Hau’s stash.

You can collect Z-Stones to increase your Z-Power by visiting all four of the Alola islands as part of the Island Challenge.

Follow Lillie to the research lab by venturing through the tall grass. You’ll get a Rotem Dex and they explain how how to complete the Island Challenge by completing the seven trials across the four islands. You’ll get an amulet and then you’ll need to head to the training school center to brush up on your skills.

Head through Route 1 to head to your first Pokemon Center so you can store your Pokemon at the bank, buy treats from the cafe or buy supplies.

When you get to the Pokemon training school you’ll unlock quick link and Festival Plaza, the former of which will allow you to easily quick-link with other players for trading purposes or battling.

The Festival Plaza uses FC currency for mini-games. You can use the lottery to earn goods in exchange for FC, which you can earn by talking to people at the festival. You can use the FC to dye your clothes or purchase special items.

You can use the game’s online features to connect to other people and talk to people to trade or battle with other players and earn FC points to further increase your prestige at the Festival Plaza. Think of it as the game’s matchmaking tool.

You can talk to the people outside the tent and direct them to various places, such as people who are hungry need to be directed to the general store so they can eat. People who want to have fun may be directed to the lottery. The more you level up the more shops will be added to your plaza.

Inside the Plaza you can connect to online battles or sync through the Wi-Fi. Be sure to have your Nintendo 3DS and game updated to the latest versions.

When you enter into the Hau’oli City you’ll get some medicine from the one lady on the right side of the street, and there’s a Poke Ball just down by the beach off the ramp.

You’ll get a Poke Finder from one of the shops you go into with Hau, which will help you further identify the location of Pokemon with your Rotom Dex. You’ll also get 10 Ultra Balls from the scientist in the shop.

They’ll teach you how to snap photos with the Poke Finder, similar to Pokemon Snap and then you can pick out the best photos and store them. You can rank up your Rotom Dex by taking photos and sharing them in the game’s fake social media service. You can press up and down on the circle pad to zoom in and take photos, too.

You can head to the apparel shop to purchase socks, shoes, pants and caps to make your character look vastly different.

You can check out the different clothing items at the 20:00 minute mark in the video above. You can also head to the salon to give your character an all new hairstyle.

You can continue to move on with the mission by completing some of the quests issued by some of the NPCs. There’s a Grimer over by the little boy NPC near the Trainer School, as showcased early on in the video below.

Various Alolan and non-Alolan Pokemon are captured in the video above in the tall grass, including Magnemite. The area by the Training School has Pokemon who are around level 8, so you’ll need to keep that in mind when attempting to battle and capture those Pokemon.

You’ll need to complete a series of challenges at the Training School, where you’ll need to defeat the Pokemon from various trainers at the school. After you complete the quests at the school you’ll be able to move to the next segment in the city.

The video above is basically just exploring the town and talking to all the NPCs. If you want to get more background info on the Pokemon and the various little nuances of the world building, you can do so.

You’ll then encounter your first encounter with Team Skull while you’re in the city. Captain Ilima will have a trial for you after you defeat the grunts from Team Skull. You shouldn’t have to worry too much because Ilima only has level 9 Pokemon, so you can defeat them pretty easily.

Following the defeat of the Captain, you’ll need to venture to the Cemetery to continue the trials at the Verdant Cavern. Along the way you can eventually earn Tauros as a transport if you keep encountering him throughout the city leading up toward the cemetery in the mountains.

During the walkthrough, it makes it known that when facing off against ghost types you’ll need to use Pokemon who have normal type moves. Heading up toward the cemetery you’ll face off against level 9 ghost and psychic types.

There are more trainers to face off against additional in the graveyard.

To complete Captain Illima’s trial you’ll need to move through route 2 up to the top of the mountain and defeat the trainers along the way.

There are some Team Skull members you’ll need to fight again and earn an Oran Berry for your trouble. There’s also a stash of berries under the tree, including some extra Oran Berries. There’s also some silver powder behind the house in the corner.

You’ll then need to head inside of the Verdant Cavern to initiate the trial, but you can’t leave until you finish the quest. You’ll need to defeat three of the Pokemon inside of the cave, get the Z-Power. You cannot capture Pokemon while in the cave.

The Pokemon inside of the Verdant Cavern start at level 11, so make sure you’re prepared for them.

It’s mentioned in the video that the Pokemon Trials in Pokemon Sun and Moon are similar to the gym battles in previous Pokemon.

The last Pokemon in the cavern will require a bit of moving around the place and you’ll need to face off against Team Skull grunts before battling the final Pokemon.

The first Z-Crystal will be obtained after defeating the Totem Raticate, which is the boss in the Verdant Cavern.

It’s a level 12, but it will be powered up like Dragon Ball Z with it’s Z-Power.

The Raticate isn’t that tough but there will be additional Rattata to defeat as well. Once you defeat the Totem boss you’ll earn the Z-Crystal after completing the trial.

Defeating the Raticate in the Cavern will then allow you to capture Pokemon in the cave.

From there you’ll gain access to route 3.

This will also open up access the island Hala for your next trial.

They also teach you how to use Z-Powers during this time. You can select compatible Z-Crystals from the pocket option in the bag menu. If the crystal type is the same as the Pokemon then the Pokemon will be able to get Z-Power and use that power during battle.

You can earn additional Pokemon at the Meadows Cosmog or continue on to the next city.

While in the meadows you can capture rare Pokemon like the Oricorio. If you still have the Great Balls that you were given, you might want to use one to grab it, assuming you really want it.

The final challenge of that particular island will be against Kahuna Hala. His Pokemon are only level 14, and they are fighting types.

After defeating Hala, you’ll be able to tame Tauros and turn him into a pet as you venture throughout the various islands of Alola. The ride pager will allow you to harness ridable Pokemon. Simply press the Y button to summon the selected Pokemon as your transport. You’ll also earn TM54.

Use the Tauros to smash through the barrier at route 1.

Pokemon Sun & Moon

You’ll then be able to make it to Akala Island next. Head to the Marina to take the boat to Akala Island.

Captain Mallow will be the Akala Island trial master there. You can start the trial by going through route 4.

Inside the tourist shop you can talk to the guy with the white hair to change your Pokemon’s name if you so wish.

While you’re venturing through route 4 you’ll receive a mission to collect cores and cells for the Zygarde Cube, the super rare, legendary Pokemon.

Make your way to Paniola Town where you’ll need to battle your rival Hau once more.

Mallow will upgrade your pager for a Stoutland where you can use it to sniff out items at various locations. Simply move around until an exclamation mark pops up and you can then add items to your stash that Stoutland uncovers in various areas. You can basically use it anywhere.

More trainers will be faced off against while in Paniola Town so you can level up your Pokemon and increase your prestige.

Paniola Town will lead you toward route 5 where the Mallow trial will take place.

Along the way you’ll meet Team Skull’s Gladion. Unlike the grunts he actually has some skill, using a level 17 Zubat, so make sure that you come prepared.

Another tag-team battle will take place afterward with Hau, but so long as your Pokemon are over level 20 it should be easy.

Traveling to Brooklet Hill will open up some new quests and trainers to battle. You’ll earn a Lapras saddle so you can travel across water. You’ll get the Lapras saddle from Lana, and you’ll be tasked with investigating the water splashes in the water.

It will be a level 17 Wishiwashi creating all the commotion.


You’ll be able to use the Lapras saddle to traverse across bodies of water from here on.

You’ll need to battle more Wishiwashi as part of Lana’s trial.

The final part of Lana’s trial includes defeating more Wishiwashi and the Totem Pokemon causing the splashes in the water. The boss is a level 20 Z-Powered Wishiwashi.

It might be a good time to use your Z-Power on your Pokemon to defeat the Wishiwashi. Quite naturally, you might want to use some grass types to take the Wishiwashi down a beg during the battle. You’ll also need to make sure your Pokemon are high enough in level to withstand the powerful water-cannon attack from the Totem boss.

Another thing you’ll also need to consider is that Wishiwashi will also call in backup from Alomomola and other Wishiwashi, so be sure to take them out quickly otherwise the Alomomola can really wreck havoc on your Pokemon.

Defeating the boss will complete the trial and you’ll earn Waterium Z.

This is also where you’ll earn the fishing rod so you can fish in water to earn new items and Pokemon. You’ll need to use Dive Balls, and Lana will start you off with 10 balls.

Through route 5 you’ll meet Hapu and have to battle Team Skull grunts again. This time they’ll be level 17, so make sure you’re ready for them.

Make your way to the Battle Royal.

Inside the Battle Royal Dome you can register where four trainers will battle with only three Pokemon to become the greatest.

The fight is a fourway battle where you’ll need to strategically try to take out three other opponents.

You can make your way down to the beach to battle more trainers and level-up your Pokemon while also scouring the area for additional items.

Proceed through the fields up toward the mountain to take on Kiawe’s Trial.

The fire trial will be different from other trials. The objective will be to watch and memorize the Marowak dance. The middle Marowak will be different during Kiawe’s Trial and so you will have to fight the Marowak if you get it right.

There will be a second dance trial, this time involving Hiker David. The Hiker will join the battle this time with a level 19 Magmar. So have some water Pokemon on hand to cool Hiker Dave off along with his Magmar.

The final boss fight will be against a level 22 Totem Salazzle. It will call in allies such as Salandit to help it out during battle. The allies will be level 20, so make sure you have Pokemon who can take it on. If you’re successful you’ll unlike the Z-Power Firium Z.

For completing the trial you’ll get 10 quick balls and a pager to call and ride on Charizard.

Route 7 will then be opened up for you to quick travel to, along with other areas you’re unlocked. Route 8 will also be opened so you can then battle against Captain Mallow and her Trial. This will also open up the Poke Pelago that you can utilize; it’s a small island and Mohn will have a quick quest for you to complete before moving on to the next Trial.

There’s a side-quest in route 8 to register a Stufful in your Pokedex. Just outside Colress will give you TM43, a flame charge.

When you’re ready, you can talk to Captain Mallow and receive the Trial quest. Mallow will require four ingredients for her special mix. You’ll need to acquire:
Mago Berry
Tiny Mushroom
Revival Herb
Miracle Seed

Use the Stoutland to sniff around to find the ingredients – you’ll find mushrooms just to he left of Mallow over in the corner.

Head up and to the left to the corner where there’s a rustling bush – you’ll find a Mago Berry in the rustled bush.

Proceed into the next area and there’s a tree to the far left. Get off the Stoutland and press ‘A’ on the tree to head inside and get a TM86.

Head into the next area where there are rocks and boulders. Use Tauros to smash the rocks and use Stoutland to find the Miracle Seed.

The dish that Captain Mallow prepares will draw the Totem Lurantis from out of the jungle. It’s a level 24 and will call in Trumbeak for its ally who is level 22.

After defeating the Lurantis, you’ll earn a new Z-Crystal and 10 Nest Balls. The next challenge will involve the Grand Trial against Olivia. The Professor will offer you TM67 Smart Strike before you head off for the Grand Trial.

Akala’s Grand Trial will be against a grass-type specialist, so make sure you have some good fire-types in your stash

Burnet will explain to you about the different dimensions and the Ultra Wormhole that could lead to powerful and unknown Pokemon.

The next segment involves going through the Diglett cave to get to KoniKoni City and battling workers in the quarry.

You can capture some rock type Pokemon while you’re there. You’ll also unlock the ability to ride a Pokemon after completing the city quests so that you can get around the quarry a lot quicker.

After dealing with the Diglett situation, some grunts from Team Skull. The fight will be a tag-team battle and Team Skull will have level 22 Pokemon, so you’ll need to make sure you train up right proper before facing off against them. If you win you’ll get some Max Ether from Hau.

After you get out of the mines, you’ll face off against Police Officer Haruki. He has a level 24 Growlithe, so you’ll need a good counter for him or have a high enough level Pokemon to brute force through the fight.

When you get to KoniKoni City you can earn some Pikanium Z from the cliff area where a group of Pikachu are situated by a white picket fence.

Before you can complete Olivia’s Grand Trial in KoniKoni City, you’ll need to face off against more of Team Skull.

Help the Aether Foundation members from Team Skull and they’ll offer you something special when you get to the next resort.

Along the way there’s another sub-boss battle in the form of Plumeria from Team Skull.She has a level 25 Golbat, so she’s no simple pushover.

You can see some battle tactics at the 23 minute mark in the video below to see how best to defeat her Golbat.

Olivia has three Pokemon, including a level 26 rock-type Nosepass, a level 26 rock-type Boldore, and a level 27 Lycanroc.

After defeating Olivia you’ll earn Rockium Z as your Z-Power.

You can use Charizard to get to the Hano Grand Resort over the bridge from Akala.

There’s a side-quest invovling chucking Pyukumuku back into the ocean. It’s an optional quest that sees you having to search them out on the beach and throw them back into the water.

When you’re ready, Faba will take you and Hau across the ocean to Aether Paradise, a small high-tech island.

The final mission in the game is a big adventure across the last isle that involves catching Tapu Koke. It’s nearly two hours long.

You’ll need to face off against four elite trainers from around the world in the grand final trial known as the Elite Four. Once you enter you need to be sure you’ve got everything you need and that you’re doing right by your loadout, otherwise you’ll get royally stomped by the elite four.

You can choose to enter into each of the four chambers.

Olivia, from one of the previous challenges will be one of the Elit Four. She has five Pokemon in her stable and starts with a level 54 Relicanth. She also has a level 54 Probopass, a level 55 Lycanroc, a level 54 Golem, and a level 54 Carbink. The Probopass is likely to give you the biggest troubles due to its status effects and high defenses. You’ll likely want to have a really good counter-rock type Pokemon in your stash when it’s time to fight Olivia, otherwise Probopass will wreck you.

Aceroyal has level 54 Sableye to start things off. She has five Pokemon in her stash, so you’ll need to be fully prepared and make sure all six of your Pokemon are at least level 54 or higher. Her second Pokemon is Palossand, which is level 55. Her third Pokemon is a level 54 Dhelwise. Her fourth Pokemon is a level 54 Froslass. And her last Pokemon is a level 54 Drifblim.

Kahili is another one of the Elite Four, and she focuses on flying type Pokemon. Kahili has five Pokemon, just like Aceroyal, and she starts with a level 54 Skarmory. Her other four Pokemon include a level 54 Mandibuzz, a level 55 Toucannon, a level 54 Oricorio, and a level 54 Crobat.

The final of the Elite Four is Hala. He has five fighting types, starting off with a level 54 Hariyama. He has a level 54 Poliwrath, a level 55 Crabominable, a level 54 Bewear, and a level 54 Primeape.

The final battle for the Pokemon Champion title will be against Professor Kukui. Unlike the other four trainers he has all six Pokemon in his stash and they are very high level. He starts with a level 57 Lycanroc, which is a rock type… so make sure you bring some good counter-Pokemon. He also has a level 56 Snorlax as part of his line-up, a level 56 Braviary, a level 56 Magnezone, a level 58 Primarina, and a level 56 Ninetales. He has a diverse collection of Pokemon, so it’s best to have leveled up all six of your Pokemon to as high as possible so all of them can be prepared to throwdown like it’s Wrestlemania.

After becoming Grand Champion and celebrating at the festival, you can sneak out with Lillie to visit the shrine across the repaired bridge at Mahalo Trail. This will initiate a battle with the Tapu Koko, whom you can battle at an attempt to capture it.

The Tapu Koko is level 60, so once you get its life down to red or yellow, you can attempt to capture it using a Master Ball.

After the festival and before departing, Lillie will give you a Poke Doll. The game will fade out after the player character returns home and the credits will begin to roll.

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