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Robinson: The Journey Ending Explained

Crytek’s new VR title for the PlayStation 4 in the form of Robinson: The Journey is an experimental mix of cinematic storytelling from first-person fused with puzzle solving and exploration. Thanks to the PlayStation VR, Crytek was able to craft a game that blurs the lines between genres and offer gamers something snappy and gorgeous within the realm of sci-fi. For gamers interested in what happens at the end of the game or why Robin found himself stranded on the planet, this article will break down the basics.

Robinson: The Journey starts with the protagonist Robin coming out of an escape pod after the space station he was on, the Esmeralda, blows up and crashes onto the surface of the planet Tyson-3.

Robin discovers a next of eggs, one of which hatches and reveals a baby T-Rex that he names Laika. With the help of the AI robot HIGS, Robin sets up the escape pod as his home base. He’s able to construct makeshift security devices, a small farm, a scarecrow and a water supply.

The game fast forwards three months later where Robin and HIGS have a decent, working setup to sustain Robin. One day while doing a routine check on the farm just off the trail beyond one of the security gates, the duo encounter terrasaurs who have picked up another destroyed HIGS unit that fell from the wreckage of the Esmeralda. Upon surveying the damaged unit, Robin and his AI companion discover that there may be more units about and that there are a total of three other units nearby, aside from the damaged unit that was in the terrasaurs’ nest.

Robin and HIGS set out on a journey to find the other two units, one in a tar pit and the other deep within the jungle. Upon examining the other units they find out that before the Esmeralda met its untimely end, there was unrest taking place amongst the crew and some members attempted a mutiny against Captain Hamilton.

They eventually happen upon a HIGS unit near a stampede of dinosaurs after following Laika over a dangerous chasm, which further reveals that the Esmeralda’s demise was not a fate of happenstance, but one of willful sabotage. They decide that the only way to get the answers they need they’ll need to venture into the heart of the crashed space station and recover the holographic data.


Laika leads them through more ruins and down into the heart of the crash site. After dodging some raptors and restoring power to the display device, Robin is able to see a holographic display of what they were originally intended to do when they arrived at Tyson-3.

Esmeralda’s original mission was to send out a young group of star travelers over the course of a century, and with the help of the HIGS units their job was to find fertile earth and expand the human population. Their core task was to colonize new planets, such as Tyson-3. They were supposed to build a city using the blueprints and resources supplied in the Esmeralda.

The escape pods, however, were sabotaged and locked down by one of the defectors after one of the ships crashed into the Esmeralda during the mutiny. The escape pods were forced to launch by Captain Hamilton before they were completely locked down after they were sabotaged, and this resulted in the pods launching mostly without anyone on board, save for a few people, including Robin.

The game ends with HIGS revealing that actually some of the pods did contain people on them, but whether or not they survived is still a mystery. Robin promises to build the city that the Esmeralda was originally designed for, and HIGS suggests finding the others who fell into the dinosaur-infested jungle… quipping that maybe with a robot AI companion and a T-Rex for a pet they may have survived… just like Robin.

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