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25 December 2016

ARK: Survival Evolved: How To Tame The Giant Squid

Studio Wildcard updated ARK: Survival Evolved with patch 253 for PC, PS4 and Xbox One. The new patch added a number of new dinosaurs that can be fought, beaten into submission, tamed and ridden like the producers rode Corey Haim during those drunken drug parties. For gamers looking to find out what’s needed to add the new Tusoteuthis (A.K.A., the giant squid) to their stable of dinosaurs, this guide will teach you how to tame the deep sea monster.

The giant squid can use ink to blind enemies, and use its lengthy tentacles to paralyze and attack its foes. It can also HP steal using the tentacles, making it one of the more dangerous dinos on the block. You can also grab the dinosaurs and hold on to them until they’re rendered unconscious. There’s a complete walkthrough of its abilities in the video below from YouTuber ThickFreedom.

So first up… don’t attack a squid by yourself!

As pointed out in the video and as mentioned above, the squids can grab a hold of you and stay latched on, paralyzing you in the process. The giant squids are made to rape, and if you go in by yourself… you will get raped.

So how do you avoid getting raped? Well, you take some buddies with you so they can get raped, too. Or you can strategically move fast and avoid the tentacles so each of you can use black pearls on the giant squid.

They also mention in the video that it might be best to bring other tamed dinosaurs to distract the squid while you date rape the beast with black pearls.


If the squid’s life is too low, it will attempt to use ink and make a getaway. So you might want to have your buddies encircle the squid to prevent it from escaping.

If you manage to kill it, it will drop Absorbent Substrate, Tusoteuthis tentacles and Squid Oil.

Now if your main goal is to distract it and add it to your harem of dinosaurs, you’ll need to its tentacles grab a hold of something – whether it’s another player or a pet dinosaur – and let it rape or kill it for a while. While it’s doing this dirty deed, you must get in close to the squid’s mouth, and feed black pearls to it until it’s tamed. It will take a while, so that’s why they suggest in the video to bring a few guildies and some extra dinosaurs for it to rape/eat/kill.

You can get a hold of ARK: Survival Evolved right now for PS4, Xbox One or PC. You can get the PC version from the Steam store, or the Xbox One version from the Xbox Store, or the PS4 version from the PlayStation Store.

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