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1440270cookie-checkFBI’s #GamerGate Case Is Now Accessible To The Public

FBI’s #GamerGate Case Is Now Accessible To The Public

The Federal Bureau of Investigation’s #GamerGate case was originally made public back in December of 2016 through a FOIA. The recent public release of the file is the exact same case file from the Freedom of Information Act request that made its way around non-leftist media outlets. The SJW-ran mainstream media refused to even acknowledge the FBI’s case on #GamerGate because it revealed a fact that destroys the narrative they’ve been using since 2014: there’s zero evidence that #GamerGate is or ever was a harassment campaign.

You can download the PDF file from over on the FBI’s vault page. It’s a 4.7MB file containing 152 pages of the case files. According to a disclaimer on the site, the original files may not be available anymore and this electronic document will likely be the only record left. This wouldn’t be an issue if so much of it wasn’t redacted.

Nevertheless, the important bits that reveal what the “harassment” were all about are still easy to understand. One of the bigger pieces of evidence in the case was the bomb threat to Anita Sarkeesian who was scheduled to give a speech at a university in Utah. The letter reveals a meme-laced threat, with the individual saying they have “over 900 bombs that we will use to blow up the TSC auditorium).” It continues on to say that “You dun goofed by inviting that stupid feminazi” and that the FBI can’t arrest him because he’s behind “7 proxies” and they “can’t lulzback”. It was signed by the Glorious Winged Faggot Extraordinaire.


The other case of harassment, involving two teens sending phone messages to Brianna Wu came about after they heard about #GamerGate from GNews. They decided to play prank by calling, harassing her and sending death threats. The FBI made them apologize but prosecutors refused to press charges. The two teens hadn’t heard about #GamerGate until the media blitz started about it, labeling it a harassment campaign.

Throughout the report they indicate that the people sending the death threats and harassment came from the forums, and that one of them tried framing YouTuber Mr. Repzion for the threats. Some anonymous threats were also recorded but had no ties to #GamerGate.

According to the FBI case, both sides (anti-#GamerGate and pro-#GamerGate) were receiving harassment from trolls…

“[redacted] said he is pro Gamergate, people who support it have received false bomb threats, and have been doxed.”

The FBI took the case seriously enough, with multiple agents following all possible leads and even getting the the U.S., Attorney’s Office involved. After a year of investigating the case, they eventually closed it out when they realized the only leads they had pointed to trolls, and the only harassment they uncovered pointed to trolls. None of it had any substantial links to #GamerGate that could be used as actionable evidence. This was similar to the findings of the WAM! peer reviewed report, which also showed no indications that #GamerGate was an organized harassment campaign.

The FBI officially closed out the case in September of 2015.

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