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Gravity Rush 2 Ending Explained

SIE Japan Studio’s Gravity Rush 2 is a mostly lighthearted action-adventure, but if you aren’t familiar with the events of the first game it’s easy to get lost and confused with what happens in the sequel. Here’s a quick crash course on what happens at the end of the game for people who may have been confused with the ending in Gravity Rush 2 for the PS4.

The game actually starts where the last game left off — following the events outlined in Gravity Rush 2’s demo and the anime OVAs — with Kat, Syd and Raven getting sucked into the gravity rift after they saved Hekseville. Syd and Kat end up in a new location working in the mines at the Banga Settlement after the two survived being sucked into the gravity rift. Kat has lost her powers due to being separated from the cosmic cat, Dusty.

Another gravity rift opens up and one of the Banga residents, Cecie, is put in danger. Kat attempts to save Cecie but is attacked by the monsters known as Nevi. Dusty makes a return and grants Kat her powers back, allowing her to defeat the Nevi and save Cecie, the daughter of Lisa, who runs the mining corporation with an iron fist despite being a softie at heart.

After going through a number of exploits with Lisa and the mining corp, Kat ends up facing off against the Garrison, who is working with the Council to keep the poor people oppressed while the Council attempts to pilfer a the ruins of a city trapped in a gravity rift called Neu Hiraleon.

In Kat’s attempt to help the poor people from the lower districts of Jirga Para Lhao’s isles of it’s discovered that the Council and the Garrison troops have been aided in oppressing the people with the help of the Night Gale. It turns out that the Night Gale is actually Raven who was brainwashed by the Garrison after they found her unconscious from having fallen out of the gravity rift. They used an iron mask to have her do their bidding, but in a battle with Kat, the gravity shifter is able to knock the mask off and return her friend and rival to her old self. The two reminiscence about old times and plan their next adventure while sleeping together.

Things don’t stay peaceful for long as the Council begins conscripting the middle and lower class from Jirga Para Lhao to work the mines and continue to search through the ruins of Neu Hiraleon. Little do they know that Hiraleon – located within a gravity rift – has become increasingly unstable due to the gravity engine taking on a mind of its own.

Gravity Rush 2

Kat, Raven and Lisa begin mounting a revolution against the Council, destroying the Garrison and attempting to overthrow the old regime. Things are waylaid when Neu Hiraleon turns into a full blown monster and begins attacking the isles of Jirga Para Lhao. It eats the rich isle where the Council is located and begins to destroy the other upper class isles, prompting for Kat and Raven to defeat it, along with the help of Syd. However, Syd doesn’t quite make it out and the ship he’s own gets destroyed while giving Raven and Kat an opportunity to destroy maniacal gravity engine, which ended up capturing Cecie.

After defeating Neu Hiraleon, Raven, Kat and Cecie find themselves in danger again by getting sucked into another gravity rift, this time with Kat ending up in her original hometown of Hekseville. Only, it’s three years later and everything has changed thanks to the new security forces and registration process setup by Dr. Brahman. His security droids – along with the help of his guardian Kali The Guardian Angel – are able to hold off the Nevi during most attacks.

However, rebels have been attempting to assassinate Dr. Brahman and he ends up getting the help of Kat in fighting the rebels off. Dr. Brahman reminiscences with Kat about his daughter who was taken ill with an incurable disease. He explains that he’s been working on a way to cure her and he needs Kat’s help… but first he wants her to take out the rebels.

It turns out that the rebels are actually being commanded by two of Kat’s old acquaintainces who are working for the rebel leader, the former mayor of Hekseville. They inform Kat that Dr. Brahman’s plan to revive his daughter includes freezing all of time in place as a commemoration toward his daughter, who is also frozen in time.

It turns out that the only way to save his daughter from the illness was to freeze time, only he ended up putting her in a time rift and was unable to get her out. He tried taking orphans from the orphanage, including Druga and Kali to use as experiments to help him save his daughter, only it didn’t work and Druga was also displaced in time despite being granted some powerful abilities. Another major failed attempt at reviving her was in creating the gravity engine for Neu Hiraleon, which eventually turned into a monster.

Gravity Rush 2 - Dr. Brahman

When Kat learns of Dr. Brahman’s plans she attempts to stop him but he frames her for the murder of his aide and has the police force sent out to arrest her. One of Kat’s friends in the police department manages to foil the plan and exposes Kali and Dr. Brahman’s maniacal goal in freezing all of Hekseville in time. Raven manages to find her way out of the gravity rift thanks to guidance from Alias, a mysterious time drifter from the original Gravity Rush. Raven also has Cecie in hand.

Kat and Raven work together to defeat Kali, but Dr. Brahman sends his robots after Cecie when he discovers that she is a celestial match for Kali’s sister, Druga. The robots attempt to capture Cecie but Kat and Raven manage to stop them; Kali, meanwhile uses the powers granted to her to imbue Cecie with some powers and utilize her body as a catalyst to revive Druga Angel.

Druga and Kali Angel work together to defeat Kat and Raven; the twin Angels then proceed to help Dr. Brahman with his plan to place Hekseville in a permanent time stasis. Kat and Raven, meanwhile, are aided by the time gods, Cyanea and Gade, who send them through a trial where they unlock hidden powers and return to Hekseville in time to defeat Druga and Kali.

Their efforts still aren’t enough, but Lisa shows up after being aided by Alias, and convinces Druga to let go of her daughter Cecie. There’s an internal struggle as Druga and Cecie fight for control, meanwhile Kat and Raven fight Kali once more – things eventually escalate when Cecie fights off Druga and attempts to return to her mother, but Kali loses her sanity and her powers go out of control, similar to Tetsuo from Akira. Kali Angel morphs into a deformed, mutated blob and sucks up Cecie into the blob.

Raven and Kat are able to defeat Kali once more and free Cecie, returning her to her mother. As the credits roll we find out that Dr. Brahman dies during the fight when his airship crashes, impaling him on some spikes.

Kat ponders about the fate of Syd, whose whereabouts hinge between the unknown and death. Nevertheless, Kat still seeks out answers to some of the most troubling questions.

Gravity Rush 2 - Ending

In the post-credits there are additional story missions in Gravity Rush 2 that reveal more about Kat’s past and the fate of Hekseville that the mysterious Alias warned her about. You can get the true ending by finding the Shining Girl. In fact, as Kat seeks answers she eventually stumbles upon someone named the Shining Girl, who can’t speak but confers her feelings to Kat.

The Shining Girl explains that she was so powerful that she managed to separate her soul from her body in order to reach out and beckon to Kat. It’s explained that her power was unlimited, so she was trapped in a crystal to protect the world from her abilties.

The gravity shifter is confused until Alias shows up and teleports Kat to the top of the world after warning her about the end of the world.

After traveling to the top of the world, Kat and Raven are transported to the Eto kingdom, where Cai, a young boy, rules as king.

It turns out that Kat was chosen to be the queen of Eto, but ended up going missing for a hundred years from Eto due to the machinations of Xicero, a senate member.

Kat has no memory of being queen, but after snooping around the castle she soon discovers that Raven is being held captive and proceeds to free her. Kat defeats Cai’s guardian after it fatally injures Xicero and kills Alias; Cai meanwhile races off to unleash Elektricitie on Hekseville, causing a massive battle to ensue.

Meanwhile Kat meets Syd in the world between time where he convinces her to unlock the memories of when she was Queen Alua of Eto. It’s revealed that a hundred years prior Kat/Alua tried to save the people down below but the senate conspired against her – led by Xicero, and he threw her off the platform. Syd attempted to save her but was stabbed in the back.

The gods gave Syd form in Hekseville to help guide and protect Kat as she became their champion and the gravity queen. Syd was actually dead the whole time.

Kat attempts to fight Electricitie but is defeated, prompting for Kat to tap into her power and return to Hekseville to defeat Elektricitie.

Cai fuses with his guardian and turns into a force of destruction, defeating Kat and destroying much of Hekseville. The people come out to give Kat their power, and Syd – controlling the Nevi – lends his aid as well, allowing Kat to destroy Cai’s guardian for good.

In order to seal away the encroaching gravity rift set on destroying the world, Kat becomes a singularity within the rift to seal it away for good.

Syd actually managed to survive the Bismalia attack from before and finds out that Cai was still alive after Kat destroyed his guardian. Syd arrests Cai for trying to destroy the world.

In a post-epilogue epilogue, Raven takes over Kat’s duties of protecting Hekseville.

Syd and Raven never give up searching for Kat. One day while out on patrol Raven follows the strange noises of what sounds like a cat. She turns around with a shocked face as the cat approaches and the screen fades to black.

TL;DR: Kat was a queen over a sky world known as Eto. The senate of Eto knew that a gravity rift would eventually envelop their world after a thousand years. Between that time everyone in the worlds below would die. Kat wanted to help the below but a member of the senate betrayed her and threw her down below. Kat lost her memory in the process but her guardian, Dusty, aided her as she became a resident and later hero of Hekseville thanks to her gravity abilities. Kat eventually sacrifices herself and dies to save the world, as she always intended, in order to stop the wiles of the Eto king and the gravity rift from devouring all life. Kat’s close partner and gravity shifter, Raven, takes over protecting Hekseville after Kat gives up her life to close the gravity rift.

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