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1439720cookie-checkInjustice 2 Beta Gets Trolled With Fake Codes On Social Media

Injustice 2 Beta Gets Trolled With Fake Codes On Social Media

NetherRealm Studios announced that the Injustice 2 online beta is coming for Xbox One and PS4 gamers. You can register right now to receive a beta code via e-mail by visiting the official Injustice 2 website.

Chances are that if you heard about the beta sign-ups that you jetted off to social media to see if you could get your hands on a beta code. Well, the announcement for the beta has resulted in a number of people online trying to trick others with fake beta codes.

You’ll find some people saying that beta codes are already out and available right now.

More nefarious trolls have found a way to con the good faith of gamers by periodically posting fake codes to get a rise out of people.

The Injustice2WB Twitter account has various fake codes being rolled out across Twitter, including coded messages, such as the one that reads “LMAO Deactivated”.

That hasn’t stopped some people from taking a ride on the ruse cruise.

There are a lot of people still begging and asking for codes from the Injustice2WB account even though they’re just trolling.

The fake codes have been retweeted around enough where if you search them up on Twitter you’ll likely be greeted with a fake code or two.

It’s not as prevalent on Facebook, but Facebook has a very different setup that makes it far harder for trolls to game the system and gain the eyes of the general public.

And for the record, Ed Boon, the creative director on Injustice 2, hasn’t exactly said when the beta will commence. But be sure to keep an eye out on your e-mail for any updates.

For now, you can sign-up if you have an Xbox One or PS4, but we don’t know when the beta will officially start. However, it’s likely going to take place soon so they can prep for the May 16th release date.

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