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Perception, Horror Game Featuring Blind Investigator Coming To PS4

The sharp-witted ESP-enabled Cassie decides to investigate a house on a haunted hill. The abandoned estate is known to make people disappear and Cassie is there to find out where people are disappearing to. The only downside is that Cassie is blind.

The name of the game is called Perception and it’s a horror title that uses echolocation (similar to how it was portrayed in Daredevil) to allow Cassie to navigate the mansion grounds. The game had received previous demos in the past for its PC release but over on the PlayStation Blog, creative director Bill Gardner from Deep End Games revealed that Perception is now being fine-tuned for release on the PS4 later this year.

The game will still release on PC after it was originally crowdfunded through Kickstarter, but now PS4 gamers will also get to experience the game. You can check out a demo of the gameplay below to see how the echolocation mechanics work and some of the horrors that Cassie will face off against while exploring the estate.

In a separate demo they showed more of Cassie navigating through the home, dealing with a puzzle and also some very dangerous and murderous house guests. The game has a serious creep factor to it that’s a bit unlike anything else out there. Also, the whole echolocation mechanic is a really cool way to create a different type of dynamic for exploration and experiencing the thrill of a truly horrific situation.

Perception is probably one of the few games where VR would make it that much more enjoyable.

Some of the gamers in the comment section were asking about combat mechanics or finding ways to fight back. They don’t mention anything about fighting or beating the ghastly apparitions up (besides, I doubt ghosts are susceptible to sustaining damage from a walking cane) but Gardner did mention that Cassie won’t be completely helpless, explaining…

“Once spotted, your only hope is to run, hide, and pray that it doesn’t find you. Cassie can also use the ambient sounds of the house to her advantage, by throwing objects like alarm clocks to create “sound bombs” that can distract her enemies.”

It sounds a little bit like Alien: Isolation, only distracting ghosts seems like it might make a little more sense than playing hookey with the xenomorph.

Anyway, the game has been in development for a while now and Deep End Games has teamed with Feardemic in order to get the game published on Sony’s system. You can expect to see Perception on PC and on PS4 later into 2017.

For more details on the gameplay and features you can check out the game’s Kickstarter page.

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