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1440510cookie-checkTitanfall 2 Live Fire Mode, Remastered Colony Map Coming Soon

Titanfall 2 Live Fire Mode, Remastered Colony Map Coming Soon

Respawn Entertainment announced that they have several new features set for release in Titanfall 2, including the new Live Fire mode, a remastered rendition of the Colony Map, and some new Titans and cosmetics.

Over on the official Titanfall website they announced that in the next major update they will include the Live Fire mode, which sees pilots fighting in a frantic time-based CTF mode in small, close quarter combat maps. They have plans on releasing two maps for the mode in the next update. This will also be accompanied by a new Coliseum map called Columns where players will duke it out in the arena.

The Live Fire update – since it’ll be focusing on pilots in tiny areas – will also come with a new pilot execution maneuver to compliment the pilot-centric mode.

They detail the mode and how it’ll be implemented into the playlists over on the Titan website.

Blues also noted that a remade and remastered version of the Colony map from original Titanfall will also make an appearance in the next update in March, signaling a continued amount of effort from Respawn’s end to support Titanfall 2 despite the dismal sales opening it head while sandwiched between Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare and Battlefield 1.

One thing that could have helped drastically in combating Call of Duty is putting the game on Steam. However, EA decided that it would have been better served staying as an Origin exclusive. It was literally their loss. Respawn has been toughing through the holiday season sales misfortune with their head held high and a lot of positive feedback from gamers and critics alike.

On the upside, they do note that Titanfall 2 has been performing on the uptick in terms of daily active users and overall user engagement thanks to word of mouth, so that’s a good sign for fans of the game.

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