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28 January 2017

Yakuza 0: How To Get Chicken Nugget On Your Team

Sega’s Yakuza 0 arrived in America on January 24th, giving a lot of PS4 owners an opportunity to dive into the rich culture of the Japanese criminal underground. The game doesn’t take itself too seriously, though, and underneath the hard exterior of a gang-oriented tale of violence and betrayal, there are plenty of opportunities to witness the truly absurd. In one case, you can recruit a chicken if you complete a certain friendship quest.

If you want to add the Chicken named “Nugget” to your management team, you’ll need to carry out a few tasks first. Visit the bowling alley where clerk Emiri is located. Talk to and befriend her in order to raise the friendship bar. You’ll need to complete her requests tasks in order to further raise the bar, with the final task being getting “3 turkeys”, which is three strikes when bowling. If you’re successful, you’ll be able to unlock “Nugget”, the chicken.

You can see a video of the escapades courtesy of YouTuber devilleon7.

You’ll find the quest involving “Nugget” and Emiri as part of the Kamurocho Real Estate Royale storyline. “Nugget” will be added to Kiryu’s financial management team over the Kamurocho district. It’ll have a salary of 300,000 yen.


The story sequence all ties into all of the business deeds that Kiryu collects, maintains and attempts to grow through the Kamurocho district. It all eventually ends with unlocking a new fighting style.

That particular arc ends by facing off against the Finance King. You can see how to defeat the two body guards and the Finance King in the video below from GreenRedBlue20.

You’ll need to fight the Finance King after beating up the bodyguards. He’s no knock over, though. You’ll also keep your life from when you fought the two henchman, so be sure to keep your HP conserved.

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