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3 February 2017

Conan Exiles: How To Build A House

One of the most important things in Conan Exiles is having a place to stay, a place you can call home, a security zone… a safe space. Well, if you’re stuck trying to figure out how to make your own abode in Conan Exiles now that the game has entered into Early Access, there’s a guide to help you along the way.

YouTuber Just Call me Twist put together a video featuring a walkthrough of Conan Exiles‘ building mechanics and how to get started with building a house or a base. You can check out the nine minute video below.

So if you want to build a house/base, you need to find a decent area where you have quick access to resources, as well as a place that’s a little off the beaten path so it doesn’t get heavy traffic from other players who may want to go around trolling and tearing stuff down.

In the video, Just Call me Twist shows a map area that works a decent place to setup your base camp.

The main river is a decent place that’s away from the scorpions, demons and giant goddesses.

You might want to reach level 10 first before attempting to build your place, this way you have access to all the necessary building and crafting skills to make your base.

So first, you’ll need to unlock the crafting skill Apprentice Stonemason. It will cost you 1 skill point and you’ll need to be at level 3. Next you’ll need Sandstone Foundations, which requires 50 stone and 5 wood to craft it.

You’ll also need to unlock Apprentice Craftsman at level 2, and it will cost you 1 skill point.

Those two main skills will open up a nice selection of additional items you can craft, including the base materials you’ll need to build your house.

Once you set down your foundation and the size of the foundation, you can then build the walls.


You’ll notice that on the walls it says “Outer Face”. That determines which side of the wall is facing outward. So if you want the interior wall to face outside, you can. If you want the outside wall to be the interior, you can do that too.

Once you get the basic walls setup, you can also build furniture, such as a sleeping roll. You’ll need twine to make a basic pallet, which can only be used once. For the twine, just make sure you collect a lot of plant fiber and then craft it into twine. You’ll need twigs as well to finish making your dinkly bed.

Congratulations, you just made a house and a bed.

Conan Exiles is available right now in Early Access for $29.99 over on Steam.

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