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Hollow Knight Available For Download On Steam,

Team Cherry’s Hollow Knight recently released over the weekend on Steam and You can pick up a digital copy of the game right now for only $14.99.

Hollow Knight is like a hack-and-slash Metroidvania title. Players end up in the dreary town of Dirtmouth and they must venture beneath the surface to uncover a hidden kingdom. It’s very similar to Salt and Sanctuary, insofar that it’s a challenging game relying on reflexes, skill and a necessary requirement to want to explore and survive. You can see what the gameplay looks like with the launch trailer below.

Team Cherry has prided themselves on the tight controls, sleek gameplay and various items that can be looted to increase your powers and abilities. Instead of trying to focus on pushing for social agendas, identity politics or sociopolitical commentary, Hollow Knight’s first and foremost priority is being a fun, immersive game with great gameplay; a rarity amongst many titles released these days.

Hollow Knight sports more than 130 enemies, platforming puzzles to overcome, and an engaging score put together by composer Christopher Larkin.

PC gamers have been absolutely enthralled with the title leading up to release thanks to the demo they made available for the game. Team Cherry also announced ahead of release that they would be forfeiting a Wii U port of the game and instead would be focusing on getting the title out for the Nintendo Switch as soon as possible. This could be one of those hidden gems that could be a big seller on Nintendo’s device once it becomes available.

The art alone in Hollow Knight looks fantastic and it has a style that stands out amongst a lot of other games out there that either have fake retro 8-bit graphics or are trying to go for the gritty, dingy, brown templates. You can pick up a digital copy of Hollow Knight right now from or Steam. And we also provide for offline or solo player that want to go deeper into the game using our Hollow Knight cheats.

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