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1441580cookie-checkWeekly Recap Feb 11th: Mass Effect Andromeda’s Ugly Romance, Steam Direct Inbound

Weekly Recap Feb 11th: Mass Effect Andromeda’s Ugly Romance, Steam Direct Inbound

This week wasn’t filled with much useful news but it was filled with enough news to create salt from Social Justice Warriors, and get most normal gamers excited for one of the biggest events of the year.

We learned that some ugly characters in Mass Effect: Andromeda can be romanced. We learned that Steam Greenlight is going to be vaporized in place of Steam Direct, and we received news that IMDB is closing down its message boards and Disqus will be censoring comments across various websites it does not own in order to fight “hate speech”. These stories and more in this February 11th, 2017 edition of the Weekly Recap.
Ugly Asari in Mass Effect Andromeda Can Be Romanced

BioWare has confirmed that the ugly Asari in Mass Effect: Andromeda can be romanced. I’m sure a bunch of people who enjoy mediocre fiction with unattractive fictional characters will be thrilled. Guerrilla Games wants to make Aloy from Horizon: Zero Dawn the new PlayStation icon for this generation. They have a real hill to climb but if they can deliver on the robodinos then they might be able to pull it off. The H.R. Giger-inspired 3D horror game Scorn will release on Steam but not on Steam Early Access. And Conan Exiles has been so big and so popular that the server provider hasn’t been able to keep up with demand.
E3 Opens Up To The Public

E3 is now open to the public and SJWs are having an absolute fit over the whole thing. It’s not free, though. Attending E3 will cost you up to $250, which is a pretty penny for the three day event. Also, SJW male feminists appear to be rapists more times than not. IMDB has taken a stance in throttling their message board system as well as scuttling their private message setup, too. After February 20th you’ll no longer be able to visit the IMDB forums. In line with the censorship topic, Disqus has openly stated that they will be stepping in to forcibly censor comments on other websites using their platform in order to curtail “hate speech”. And Twitter’s share prices have taken a tumble after it was revealed that they haven’t been turning a profit.


Steam Greenlight Being Replaced With Steam Direct

Valve has announced that they will be replacing Steam Greenlight with a new service called Steam Direct starting in spring later this year. The service will be fee based and developers will have to pay between $100 and $5000 to submit their game to the service. Some games attempt to be more “mature” by taking on “progressive” values in order to reach a “broader” audience, but that can sometimes be a bad thing because it results in them losing their audience and losing the appeal that originally made them popular. And as a follow-up to the ESA opening up E3 to the public, SJWs have gone on an absolute tear by silently attacking gamers in their safe spaces while being salty that E3 is now open to real gamers.

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