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For Honor Multiplayer Connection Issues Addressed In Update 1.03

One of the major complaints about For Honor is that the game’s multiplayer peer-to-peer connection setup is faulty, through and through. What ends up happening is that a lot of players have been getting disconnected mid-match, or can’t even connect to a match at all. The sub-Reddit for For Honor is filled with horror stories centered around connection issues. Well, Ubisoft has finally addressed those issues with the latest update for version 1.03.

Over on the sub-Reddit Ubisoft informed the community that they’ve found two bugs that have been causing a lot of connection issues for gamers in For Honor.

As noted by Ubisoft…

“We are aware that some players are experiencing errors that are causing disconnects in multiplayer matches. Our team has identified a bug causing some of the #6000018 and #6000039 errors. We are deploying a fix today at 1PM EST on all platforms to fix this bug and improve match stability. “

This comes after various threads about disconnections, inconsistent connectivity issues and connection stability topics have basically dominated the top threads over on the For Honor board.

Previous to the update, another thread had garnered well over 2,000 votes from people who were sorely dissatisfied with the connection stability in the game. While a lot of people have been quite pleased with For Honor, thanking Ubisoft for the experience, others have been quite vocal about the fact that the game doesn’t work quite as advertised and it’s a disappointing and distracting issue, with Viathane writing…

”I don’t see why anyone should be relaxed about paying for something that doesn’t work as it should. If everyone just took this on the chin then they wouldn’t bother fixing anything.”

Ubisoft, a couple of days after the thread was posted, did release the hotfix for the game addressing those bugs.

However, the work centered around the connectivity problems plaguing For honor isn’t finished yet. Another community manager for Ubisoft popped into the thread to inform gamers that the connectivity and stability problems is still an ongoing process toward a final fix, writing…

“Hi warriors, we mentioned earlier that fixing connectivity and stability issues is not a single operation, but a mix of many little fixes. This one goes into that category, and the team is working hard to improve your experience. We’ll keep you updated! Also make sure to restart the game after maintenance!”

There’s really no ETA on when the connectivity problems will be resolved entirely, but Ubisoft spent the last week or so focused on curbing the problem of risking AFK gamers who are farming with bots instead of grinding out the game in the unstable multiplayer. Ubisoft has opted to ban players from farming while AFK, despite the fact that many gamers are citing problems of not being able to grind and level up because they can’t connect to multiplayer games. It’s quite the conundrum, eh?

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