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8 March 2017

Legend Of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild – Dragon And Shrine Location Guide

Nintendo’s Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is tearing up the charts on the Nintendo Switch and Wii U. The open-world adventure game has a lot of depth to its world when it comes to discovery and emergent gameplay. For those of you having a tough time finding the dragons and their shrines in the game, there’s a walkthrough guide available.

YouTuber Beardbear put together a 14 minute video featuring all of the dragon locations, as well as where to find the secret shrines. You can check out the video below.

The first dragon up is Naydra.

You’ll find this beast on the top of Mount Lanayru. You can see where it’s marked on the map so you can know where to go. It’s far east from Kakriko Village and directly south from the Lanayru Great Spring.


At Naydra you’ll also find the orb shrine where you can pray to upgrade your health or stamina.

You’ll need to free Naydra by destroying the Calamity Ganon blight located across the dragon’s body. After firing on the eye, the dragon will take flight. Head to the top of the mountain and destroy the blight on the body of the dragon to free it. You’ll have to chase the dragon down the mountain and shoot the blight spots off in mid-air.

You’ll be rewarded with a dragon scale. Use the scale and throw it into the Spring of Wisdom and a special shrine access will be opened for Link.

The next dragon is Farosh.

The location is a little less remote than Naydra. You’ll have to first venture west of Lurelin Village, and east of Faron Sea.


More specifically, you’ll find the Farosh dragon looming around the treetops of Bronas Forest, just east of the Sarjon Woods. You’ll find the dragon close to the waterfall east of the Floria River.


The dragon will be floating around just below waterfall area. You’ll need to use the paraglider to shoot the scale off its back. You can pick up the Farosh Scale and journey to the shrine to unlock your prize.

You’ll need to teleport to the Pumaag Nitae Shrine, as indicated on the map below.


At the shrine, do not go inside.

Climb up the rock to the left of the shrine and head up the mountain.

Continue up the mountain, north by northeast.

Continue to move along the mountainside until you see a glowing shrine in the water. An approximate location is indicated via the image of the map below. Place the scale of Farosh into the water at the shrine and it will open up the secret entrance to the secret dragon shrine.


The final dragon is Dinraal.

You will find Dinraal lounging around the northern part of Eldin in the desert badlands.

You will need to venture to the very top of the map, as indicated in the image below.


Venture north of the Eldin Mountains into the the area where the Great Skeleton lies. You will need to venture in between the Eldin Great Skeleton and East Deplian Badlands.

Dinraal will be flying high up above in the sky. Wait for him to fly by and then shoot him with an arrow to knock the Dinraal scale off his back. Take the scale.

Teleport to the Katosa Aug Shrine.


Don’t go to the shrine.

Head north past the village and over the hills toward the Spring of Power. You’ll find it between North Akkala Valley and Ordorac Quarry. You can see what it’s exact location is on the map below.


Use the Dinraal’s scale on the spring water to open up and access the secret shrine behind the statue.

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