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Mass Effect Andromeda: How To Make Attractive Females

The character creation utility in Mass Effect: Andromeda is extremely limited. You’re limited when it comes to the slider variance, the eye shape, the face shape, and the skin tones you can use (i.e., fair-skinned Asians, albino, light Mulatto, and pale whites are not possible until they patch in those skin tones). That’s not to mention that the structure of the female faces in particular are designed so that your characters don’t look very attractive by default.

A lot of gamers have been wondering how to make attractive looking females in Mass Effect: Andromeda, since they’ll be spending about 30 hours with this character and most people want someone aesthetically pleasing to look at during their space journeys. While most gamers haven’t had much luck creating attractive females, some YouTubers and Redditors have been putting together videos and text guides to help others create a character and customize the creation to look somewhat attractive.

Previously, we featured GamePlayUK’s video in an article noting that it’s one of the few Sara Ryder presets that comes close to looking white (based on the way BioWare designed the game, making whites is the most difficult kind of character to make in the game). The video is only five minutes and will show you how to manipulate the sliders to get your female Ryder to look decent.

A few tips for the presets to use:
Head 9
Skin tone: 0.10
Chin Height: 16.00
Lip Thickness: 7.00
Mouth Width: 9.00
Nose Size: 12.00
Hair color: Black
Eye outer color: R: 233, G: 349, B:409
Eye inner color: R: 163, G: 351, B: 356
Eyeliner Style: 5.00
Eyeliner Opacity: 1.00
Eye Shadow Style: 5.00
Lipstick Style: 4.00
Lipstick Color: G 198, R: 565, B: 154
Blush Style: 1.00
Blush Opacity: 0.20
Blush Color: G: 170, R: 930, B: 107

It’s not a perfect female Ryder, but at least she won’t look as displeasing as the default Sara Ryder.

There’s another almost decent looking female Ryder using preset 5.

YouTuber Mopo offers a quick look at their customized preset for Sara Ryder.

There’s another version of an attractive Sara Ryder you can make, but it’s once again using preset 9.

In the YouTube comment section, Godzilla offered up the stats to make a decent looking female Ryder.
Preset 9
Brow Height: 13
Brow Depth: 15
Cheek Height: 17
Cheek Width: 6
Cheekbone Width: 3
Chin Height: 8
Chin Depth: 2
Chin Width: 8
Jaw Width: 10
Eye Height: 14
Eye Depth: 16
Eye Width: 17
Lip Thickness: 16
Mouth Height: 3
Mouth Depth: 6
Mouth Width: 12
Nose Height: 0
Nose Depth: 15
Nose Width: 19
Nose Size: 3
Eyeliner Style: Default Value, Black, Full Opacity
Eye Shadow Style: Slider max right, Black, Full Opacity
Blush Style: 1, Red, .20 Opacity

If you did it correctly she should come out looking like this:


There’s one more worth checking out provided by enigmatikone. It’s based one of the lesser-used presets.

Preset 5
Skin Tone: 0.10
Brow Depth: 8
Cheek Depth: 8
Cheek Width: 9
Chin Height: 10
Chin Depth: 10
Jaw Width: 8
Lip Thickness: 8
Mouth Height: 10
Mouth Width: 9
Nose Height: 9
Nose Depth: 6
Nose Width: 5
Nose Size: 11
Eye Height: 11
Go with brown eyes and black hair.

She should end up looking similar to this here:


Youtuber Dtakes23 also tried beautifying some of the faces in Mass Effect: Andromeda but had a difficult time with many of the presets. If you don’t want a copycat clone of preset 9, you’ll have to work really hard with the limited tools provided in the game. In the video below she attempts to modify presets 3, 5, 6 and 8.

Unfortunately, there’s no ETA on when new customization features will be patched into Mass Effect: Andromeda, assuming they will be patched at all. According to the developers they’re still investigating those possibilities.

Modders may or may not be able to change some of the character creation features given that the game is running on the Frostbite 3 game engine, which is notoriously difficult to mod.

Nevertheless, you can look for Mass Effect: Andromeda to launch officially on March 21st for the Xbox One, PS4 and PC.

(Main image courtesy of IvorySamoan)

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