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1444880cookie-checkSonic Forces Due For Release This Holiday For Nintendo Switch, PS4, XB1

Sonic Forces Due For Release This Holiday For Nintendo Switch, PS4, XB1

Sega announced that Project Sonic 2017 finally has a name and it’s called Sonic Forces. The game will see the new Sonic and the classic Sonic teaming up once again, following the events of Sonic Generations, for an all new adventure.

Nintendo-Insider spotted the news, explaining that the modern and classic will merge together once again, this time battling against enemies while using their respective powers to blast through the levels.

Presumably this will mean that both Sonics will get a chance to shine through 3D and 2D levels, much like how it was setup in Sonic Generations.

Unfortunately we don’t get to see much of the game, only the teaser trailer is available for viewing, which was let loose last year. You can check it out below.

The game is being headed up by Takashi Iizuka and the rest of Sonic Team. If the dual Sonics are making a return then it’s also likely that the other characters are also coming back as well. They do hint that Sonic and his friends will oppose Dr. Eggman’s army so it’s very possible that many of the two different Sonic character cast of characters will show up to help out in the fight.

Sega has been extremely secretive about the game, but it would be pretty cool if they made it possible where various other side characters could be playable this time around as opposed to only playing Sonic. For instance, in the 3D segments you play the 3D era characters like Biggs the Cat or Amy in certain stages, not dissimilar to Sonic Heroes. Whereas in the 2D segments you get to play characters like Espio, Rose or Charmy.

Anyway, you can likely expect more news about Sonic Forces later in the year leading up to the holiday release of the game on PS4, Xbox One, PC and the Nintendo Switch.

The name “Forces” has also already started the meme machine for Sonic, and some of them do not disappoint, such as the Photoshop shared by John Guerra.

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