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1446820cookie-checkGrand Prix Predictor Offers F1 Fans Fantasy League Racing Platform

Grand Prix Predictor Offers F1 Fans Fantasy League Racing Platform

Hailed as the racing world’s equivalent to Fantasy Football, Motorsport Network’s Grand Prix Predictor is a web-based platform designed to give racing enthusiasts and F1 fans an opportunity to partake in fantasy league booking.

The browser-based platform is based on the FIA Formula 1 2017 World Championship league, allowing enthusiasts to setup public and private leagues where players attempt to predict what the outcomes will be throughout the race weekends of the F1 season.

Players who end up edging out the competition will also be eligible for earning real world prizes.

Matteo Palumbo, CEO of Motorsport Gaming, offered a comment in the press release to explain why they designed the new fantasy league platform and what they hope to achieve, stating…

“Grand Prix Predictor represents an important first step for the creation of an ever growing ecosystem of prediction games developed by Motorsport Gaming as part of the platform.”

The whole process is pretty easy, and given that Grand Prix Predictor is free-to-play, you don’t have to worry about any inhibitors making it difficult for you to get started.

Simply head on over to the Grand Prix Predictor sign-up page, and fill out the necessary info, including your name, surname, team name, e-mail address, password and country.

It’s pretty easy to get started, you just predict who will be in the top 10 finishes for the upcoming race weekend on the “My Predictions” page. You select the driver from the image list, and select which position you think they will finish in.

You can alter your predictions if you’re unsatisfied with them, or save your predictions once you’re done with them. The more of the top 10 predictions that you get right, the more bonus points you earn.

There are private leagues and global leagues that you can join, as well as expert predictions from the Autosport expert panel that you can use to see how well your own predictions match up against theirs. The first round of predictions are currently underway ahead of the April 8th Chinese Grand Prix qualifying session.

You can learn more about the Grand Prix Predictor fantasy league platform by visiting the official website. We also have an update for F1 2020 Cheats that you can find in our page.

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