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Farpoint Gameplay Walkthrough

Impulse Gear and Sony Interactive Entertainment’s PlayStation VR shooter, Farpoint, has managed to make its way onto the home console and some gamers are interested in what the gameplay is like. There’s a walkthrough available covering the FPS shooter from start to finish.

The beginning of the game starts off by allowing you to choose whether you’re left or right-handed, and how tall you are so that everything fits into the screen properly to calibrate the experience to your proportions.

YouTuber Shirrako has a completely gameplay walkthrough for the new PSVR FPS, which you can check out below.

The early goings of the game starts with a cinematic explaining that the two scientists on the space station are waiting for their ride home.

Players eventually take on the role of the pilot of the Wanderer craft, where they move into position. However, before Dr. Moon and Dr. Tyson can make it to Wanderer a space anomaly sucks them all up and destroys the space station.

After crash landing, players finally end up on the planet’s surface with the gun in hand. You can then walk around and move toward the checkpoint on the map.

Thankfully Farpoint has actual player-model arms and doesn’t use disembodied hands.

You can listen to the audiolog while venturing around.

Simply follow the burning wreckage and debris to the downed ship.

The assault rifle that you use has unlimited ammo but can overheat, so watch the gauges. Using the PSVR, you can actually move the gun up close to the screen to see how far it’s overheating.

Before you get to any real action you’ll also have to learn how to scan things. Scan the highlighted blue holograph nodes placed down to scan them. You’ll need to scan all of the image node before it counts that the scan is complete.

You’ll encounter your first real threat while moving through a gorge. Small spider-like creatures will pop out of the sand. You’ll need to shoot them until they explode to ensure that they’re dead, right and proper.

They’ll leap at you like the face-huggers from Aliens, so make sure your head-bobbing skills are intact.

From here the path gets pretty linear (more-so than before). You simply have to walk through and kill and the aliens that pop up while also scanning the available nodes.


Continue through the valley and you’ll be able to pick up the secondary rocket option for the assault rifle.

A new kind of enemy will also make an appearance in the form of bug like creatures that can fire projectiles at you. You can easily side-step their fire and keep on keeping on.

Eventually you’ll make it to a part where you’ll recover a hologram that will lead you through the gorge toward the emergency habitat where Tyson and Moon are located.

You’ll eventually make it to a rocky bridge that will fall in. Scan the area and grab the shotgun from the crate.

You can easily switch weapons easily with the Triangle button. You get seven rounds in the shotgun. When you run out of ammo, tap the Square button to reload.

When you get inside the cave with the lava, there are a number of very large bug aliens. Use the grenade launcher to take them down at a distance. When they get close use the shotgun to wreck them by face raping them with a few slugs.

Don’t worry about being conservative with your grenades since there is additional grenade ammo on a crate inside.

Follow the tunnel through the end by keeping to your left.

Eventually you’ll encounter another hologram recording and following that you’ll end up in an arena pf sorts where you’ll have to fight waves of enemy aliens.

A few rockets will be available for you. Use them wisely. It’s best to pick off the little aliens with the assault rifle and then quickly rush the larger bug creatures and blast them in the face with the shotgun, otherwise they’ll attempt to overwhelm you.

Once you clear out all the bugs another hologram will play.


After the hologram plays you’ll end up along a cliff side overlooking the valleys. Of course, nothing actually looks alien here and you could very well mistaken it for a rocky formation in the vertical regions of Utah.

Anyway, there are a few aliens that will pop out from the right side of the rocks and from underneath a few of the other rocks. Kill them good before you reach the clearing where a small army of bugs will attack you.

Proceed across the thin ridge and through the cave. You’ll face off against some diggers who will burrow under the ground and race toward you. A few shotgun blasts can take them down easy.

You’ll have to balance against a thin cliff’s edge and make your way around inland. There are two additional grenades you can pick up before you engage more alien creatures.

As you make your way through it’s best to take out the projectile-vomiting bugs before you take down the larger crab creatures.

Eventually you’ll get to a clearing where some debris from the satellite will be located – the clearing leads towards a giant cave. Inside the cave is a giant ‘ole spider monster thing.


Shoot inside the mouth of the spider creature. Inside there’s a small orb that you’ll need to target. Additionally, the spider will climb up on the rock structures and fire down some projectiles at you. When it fires you can shoot a soft spot from underneath its belly as it prepares to fire. It’ll also expose the weak area when it roars – the glowing spot on its belly, be sure to shoot it every chance you get.

Keep in mind that there are also various other smaller bugs that will attack you as well.

Continue to pepper away at the giant boss while killing off the smaller spider creatures. Lure the crab creatures tower you from around the rock formations and then use the shotgun to take them down.

After defeating the spider and recovering a hologram tape, Dr. Moon explains that every second that passes on the opposite side of the wormhole is 10 years on the planet where they are. He deduces that the Pilgrim satellite station – which entered through the wormhole about three seconds before they did – had actually been on the planet for about 30 years.

In the next segment you’ll need to battle through a wave of enemy aliens.

Continue through the crevice until you reach the robot scanner. Follow it to the wormhole.

More debris from the Pilgrim will fall through the wormhole into the atmosphere; a fiery display of fireworks and conflagration.

If you hide from the robots you’ll witness that they scan and kill the aliens on the ground. Take cover behind the debris and wait for them to kill the aliens and finish their patrol before you continue on.

You can shoot down the robots if you want. It only takes a few shots from the assault rifle to down them.

Use the debris to avoid the scanners and pick them off from behind cover to avoid being peppered to death with laser fire.

Continue through the wreckage and follow the pathway of fiery destruction to get through to the next segment where another scanning node will be present.

You’ll face off against the Juggernaut for the first time… a hulking robot that looks like it comes right out of Terminator. Hide!

Only fire when the Juggernaut stops shooting. Take your time. Be patient. Pick your shots. The Juggernaut does not go down easy and some of its attacks can kill you in one good hit.

You’ll be able to pick up a sniper rifle along the way, which will help you take down a couple of more Juggernauts later into the level before you get to the Pilgrim.

Once you finally make it inside you’ll have to scan the other hologram nodes.

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