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1449790cookie-checkFrench Electoral Commission Prohibits News Media From Reporting On Macron E-Mail Leaks

French Electoral Commission Prohibits News Media From Reporting On Macron E-Mail Leaks

The French Electoral Commission has forbade news media in France from reporting on the e-mail leaks about Presidential candidate Emmanuel Macron. A report from the Independent indicates that media are prohibited from reporting on the leaks because it may influence the outcome of the election between Emmanuel Macron and Marine Le Pen.

The news media, elsewhere, have been blaming Russia for the leaks, the same as they did during the U.S., elections, even though Wikileaks denied Russian involvement with the Podesta e-mail leaks, and Russia denied involvement with the Podesta e-mail leaks. In the Independent article they cite comments from Russian President Vladimir Putin who tersely stated…

“We never interfere in other countries’ politics and we want no one to meddle in ours,” […]


“Unfortunately, we have seen the opposite happening for years. We have seen attempts to influence political processes in Russia through the so-called NGOs and directly.


“Realising the futility of such efforts, it has never occurred to us to interfere.”

The other question is: what does Russia gain from interfering with elections that have nothing to do with them?

Of course, a lot of Regressives have ignored common sense and facts, and have continued to blame Russia while mounting tensions surrounding globalization and immigration across the United States and various parts of Europe who have adopted open borders have led a lot of people to reject the establishment’s push for broader adoption of globalization, open borders and vet-free refugee asylum.

Le Pen stands as the opposite side of the establishment that Macron represents, and it’s looking as if it could be a Donald Trump versus Hillary Clinton all over again.

While French news media have accepted the ban on reporting on the Macron leaks – as part of their laws to establish a blackout on news coverage of either candidate a day before the polls open – 4chan members have been spreading the leaked e-mails to wake up the citizens of France.

Wikileaks also joined in, linking to the pastebin file containing the leaked e-mails.

According to The Hill, the French Electoral Commission took things a step further by stating that the documents may contain “false information”, even though Wikileaks stated that they haven’t come across any fake documents. The article then goes on to say that the Electoral Commission doesn’t want the internet to discuss Macron’s e-mails…

“The commission said that some documents released in the leak appeared to contain “false information” and urged media and internet users to “show a spirit of responsibility” by not publishing the documents before the election.”

Regressive media journalists were quick to advocate the censorship of the Macron leaks, with Lawfare’s managing editor, Susan Hennessey, encouraging other journalists outside of France to not report on the leaks.

Internet denizens were quick to reproach Hennessey for her stance.

Some news outlets, such as Quartz, even went so far as to say that censoring the e-mails from public scrutiny would be in favor of protecting the democratic process.

What’s more is that Gotnews, uncovered some startling truths in the leaked documents. They cross-referenced some of e-mails and information contained therein and found that Emmanuel Macron – a supposed male feminist – actually pays his female staff less than his male staff… 25.7% less, in fact.

It will be interesting to see if French citizens do their own diligence to seek out the leaked documents and survey them for their own selves before heading to the booths and electing their next President.

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