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Legend Of Zelda Rumored To Appear On Mobile Devices 2020

Either a spin-off or a Link-led entry in the popular Legend of Zelda franchise has been rumored to make its way onto mobile devices either during the twilight of 2017 or at some point in 2018.

The rumor comes from the Wall Street Journal, the same outlet who started a fear-mongering campaign against PewDiePie that eventually led to people claiming that he was. The Wall Street Journal’s own writers, however, have been known to partake in anti-Semitic jokes and were even celebrated and supported by actual white supremacists due to the Wall Street Journal journalists making jokes about killing Jews.

Since the Wall Street Journal requires a subscription in order to read the full article, Reddit users copied the article wholesale and posted it up in a thread on the Nintendo sub. This way you neither have to visit the WSJ nor do you have to pay to read the content.

The article basically states that sources close to Nintendo revealed to them that a new mobile entry in Nintendo’s ever-expanding library of mobile titles. They don’t detail exactly what kind of game it will be, but it’s likely a safe bet that it will fall into the adventure game territory, which is typical for most Legend of Zelda entries.

The game is supposedly going to either launch before or after Nintendo’s Animal Crossing game for iOS and Android devices, which is supposedly slated for release at the tail end of 2017. This means the mobile version of The Legend of Zelda will either land during this year’s holiday or next year in the early half of 2018. Given that 2017 has a huge AAA outing in Super Mario Odyssey, and the long-rumored mini-console version of the SNES is also supposed to launch, it’s difficult for me to believe that Nintendo would over-crowd their offerings with another big mobile release during the crowded holiday season.

Animal Crossing would definitely tap into a completely different demographic, and this would give them some breathing room for their other properties to flourish. So far Nintendo’s early 2018 offerings look thin, and it would be a perfect time to roll out a Legend of Zelda game on mobile devices, this way none of the hype will detract from their main attraction of keeping eyes (and the contents of consumers’ wallets) focused on the Nintendo Switch during the crucial holiday season sales rush.

Of course, until Nintendo officially announces the game all we have to go on are rumors from the same site that concocted a witch hunt against PewDiePie in order for him to get dropped by YouTube Red and have Disney part ways with him over media misconstruing the content in PewDiePie’s videos.

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