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7 Amazing Mobile Games with Great Stories You Might Have Missed

The popularity of mobile phone gaming has skyrocketed in recent years, but one major criticism faced by the mobile games is the lack of a good storyline as in the case of a PlayStation – or even a PC – game. In recent years, though, it is possible to come across Android or iOS games that have great storylines that make them immersive and exhilarating when compared to the regular stream of titles.

While more and more games are designed in such a way that they offer great graphics, only a handful manage to provide compelling storylines. Here are the top seven mobile games with great storylines that you may have missed:

Bard's Tale

#1 Bard’s Tale

Inspired by 1985 PC RPG of a similar name, 2004’s The Bard’s Tale came out for PS 2 and original X-Box, quicly made its way back to the PC and now lives happily on mobile as well. So while it may have went under your radar at the time, there’s really no excuse now.

This game, while seemingly being just another fantasy adventure, is filled with sarcastic, smart jokes and spoofing of fantasy clichés. The humor is definitely a stand-out of this game. Main character – simply knows as The Bard – may have to endure his own Heroe’s Journey, but he’s not going to stop making wity comment through all of it.

Gemini Rue

#2 Gemini Rue

Gemini Rue is one of the new online games that uses a sci-fi theme in order to keep the gamers engrossed. This game is in the style of a Blade Runner or Beneath a Steel Sky. Azriel Odin is the lead character who is a former assassin.

His arrival to the Barracus planet results in several things going wrong and he has to return back to his former dark days in order to seek help. Available on the Android and iOS platforms, this game happens to possess reasonable graphics. However, it is dominated by the excellent storyline that makes gamers immersed in it.

Final Fantasy

#3 Final Fantasy

Final Fantasy is no doubt, one of the most popular franchises of all time. Almost every title in the series has a great story, filled with real emotions. Add to that some of the most iconic characters in gaming, some of the greatest songs, great sharp cobat systems and it’s clear how the jRPG series made a name for itself.

The availability of most of these games on the mobile platforms only enhances their appeal. While most of us can argue for hours on which entry in the series is “The Best One”, chances are you may have missed a few on them. And with most of the classics (like the old-school VI, the Iconic VII or the fan-favorite IX) available on your phone it might be the best time to discover or revisit some of the greatest games in hisroty.

Knights of the Old Republic

#4 Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic

Star Wars is extremely popular amongst all age groups considering that the film franchise is decades old. This game is about the events that take place in the galaxy far far away long before the Star Wars movies.

Made by BioWare themselves, this RPG is widely considered to be the best Star Wars game of them all. Far in the past your character is thrust in the middle of a galaxy spanning war between the Old Republic and the Sith – the events that will become legendary in Star Wars lore. Some of the BioWare’s best character writing is couples with the moral choice system – so the temptations of the Dark Side are strong in this one.


#5 Yesterday

This game gets player in the shoes of Henry White, who is on a mission to investigate a series of murders that have taken place in the city of New York. While the gameplay is relatively simple adventure game style it does not take long to fall in love with this title

One of its biggest advantages has to be the quality time spent on developing the storyline. While definitely not for kids, if you think you know where the story will go – you don’t. This emmercive and crazy tale goes above and beyond your expectations.

Lone Wolf

#6 Lone Wolf

An immensely popular game, Lone Wolf is recommended for players who are mature enough to handle some serious issues and can enjoy the game’s immense story. The player takes the role of an assassin whose job is to go and kill.

A captivating story means that it does not take long for a player to get into the skill and thrill of the game. There is a story mode that runs for about five hours and makes the game even better. While the graphics are certainly not amazing, they are good enough to add to the story.

Sword and Sworcery

#7 Superbrothers Sword & Sworcery

Available on the Android and iOS platforms, the Superbrothers Sword & Sworcery has received a lot of praise from critics. Even though it has not taken off as expected on the Android platform, all players of the game appreciate the quality graphics that form the basis.

Unlike some other story-based games, this title does not unveil the story in a traditional sense. Instead, the gameplay is a bit different and players often get the chance to solve puzzles.

With a huge amount of games available across all mobile platforms, it’s easy to get lost and miss some truly good titles with amazing storylines. If you appreciate a good gameplay and an immersive plot, you should definitely check out these games and find your favourite.

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