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Perception Gameplay Walkthrough

Deep End Games’ Perception on Xbox One, PC and PS4 is a horror walking sim centered around a blind investigator named Cassie who travels to the Echo Bluff in Boston, Massachusetts in order to uncover a mystery involving a mansion that haunts her nightmares. For gamers in need of a bit of help with Perception, there’s a walkthrough guide available.

The game starts with Cassie explaining a little bit about her life being visually impaired, and this is used to introduce players to the game’s echolocation mechanic. It’s how navigation takes place.

You can check out the full gameplay walkthrough courtesy of MKIceandFire.

Chapter 1… Cassie hints at needing to find a rope and an axe, which is present in her nightmares. After walking through the front door, head left and proceed toward the fireplace in the next room; grab the happy anniversary card on the floor near the open pizza box.

Use the echolocation to listen to the tape recorder on the floor and continue through the foyer toward the staircase, which will light up green when you use the echolocater.

You can also use Cassie’s sixth sense to find your way toward objectives.

Proceed upstairs and highlight the crib in the room with the green door. Head through the door after moving the crib out of the way.

Following the flashback, head through the door out toward the hall overlooking the foyer and grab the rope on the lamp stand.

There are a number of items you can collect and use to re-trigger memories leading toward the master bedroom, which should light up green.

There’s also a tape recorder inside of a small study near a telescope and a coffee mug. Play the tape recorder.

Proceed downstairs into the kitchen area and inside the green marked room. There’s an open window – use the sixth sense to spot out the tree in the distance just outside the house.

Proceed through the doorways that lead outside after Cassie spots one of the ghosts. Head out toward the garage under the wooden canopy. Examine the shovel and then look into the car to trigger the sequence with the bird.

Head back inside the house as Cassie makes the phone call and discovers that Felicia’s husband was prescribing her medicine.

Back inside, listen to the tape recorder and continue to move through the doors marked in green back through the kitchen and into the private bar. The door should be open and highlighted in green. There’s a tape recorder you can listen to before heading back through the sitting area where there’s a pamphlet Cassie can read by using the Delphi text-to-speech on her phone.

When you leave the room it will say that the “house is listening”. Hide in the box until the radio goes silent.

Proceed into the other sitting room with the other two tape recorders and the locked file cabinet. The code should be 2118.

Follow the hallway through the areas where the gas is emitting from the pipes and there’s another room with a tape recorder just below a staircase that leads up to the observatory. Listen to the tape message.

Proceed up the steps and use the Delphi to read the paper to get the keycode for the cabinet.

Read the paper using Delphi and then use the sixth sense to highlight the doorway you’ll need to proceed through.

There’s a small painting area you can examine before heading through the door; examine Felicia’s painting set to re-trigger a memory.

Use the key you acquired to open the door and enter into the new area. There are two more recordings in the room. Listen to them before exiting the room.

Proceed through the arcade area. A monster may try to get you, so carefully hide if you need to in order to avoid getting raped by the ghost.

There’s a room just off the arcade with yet another recording from Dr. Richard Briar. Listen to the message and then head through the hall that leads toward the staircase.

Go into the room with the green highlighted doorway and re-trigger a memory by looking at the toy frog.

Check the handcrafted taro card on the drawer in the next room, and then proceed into the closet to take the item off the shelf.

Exit the room and head through the hallway – there may be another monster nearby. Hide behind the green object until the ghost goes away. In the next room there is malachite on a shelf you can examine and a key to the Solarium. Examine the cracked malachite and take the key.

Once you get the key you can use the sixth sense to discover the next room you need to enter, which is the double doors just off the arcade room. You’ll need the Solarium key to enter the room.

In the next room, grab the pills by the painting.

Head into the nursery filled with bubble wrap and proceed past the wall and hide inside of one of the cocoons and then wait for the ghost ghost to leave before heading into the next room.

Make your way into the kitchen and grab the fire extinguisher. Head back to the area with the fire and use the fire extinguisher on the fire.

Proceed up the steps through the turret observatory toward the crib.

Cassie will attempt to escape from the house but the house will prevent her from leaving.

Read Felicia’s letter.

Go back into the house and then head upstairs to the rope on the stool.

Cassie will discover that Felicia committed suicide after she burned her husband and baby inside the turret.

A short cinematic will play where Cassie will discover a trinket on a tree.

Chapter 2: The Ticket will start up.

Follow the green highlights through the doors and experience the flashbacks.

After seeing the ghost vignettes, Cassie will need to find the gun.

Check the objects throughout the house to re-trigger the memories as you move through the hallways and rooms once more.

You’ll need to get into the attic inside the sewing room, and in order to do so you’ll need to be able to pull the ceiling door down.

The sixth sense will lead toward a locked door that requires a password.


Head back out through the next door highlighted in green and there’s a lockbox – use the Delphi app to get a hint on how to open the box and then open it. Use the sixth sense and it will lead toward a bathroom with a mirror with “Durham” written on it.

Go outside the room and read the letter from Betty.

Follow the path through the flashback and there’s another letter and a small matchbook by the dead body. Use Delphi on the matchbook to discover the password “Chantal”.

Use the “Chantal” phase at the door that requires a password.

Examine the phonograph and then exit the room and head back into main hallway where another vignette will play.

Continue to follow the doorways and vignettes until you head back upstairs where there you’ll enter a room with sandbags that lead to a piece of paper where the Delphi machine will have a difficult time reading the message on the paper. Use your sixth sense to discover the next door you need to enter on the opposite side of the sandbag trenches.

The next series of segments involves going back and forth through the bedroom and the closet to trigger various audio clips until you can open the door and head outside to the graveyard.

After you see Betty by the grave, take the barn key and head north through the graveyard to the double doors that leads into the barn. Use Delphi on the paper in the barn.

Exit the barn after you grab the farm tool to use on the attic ceiling door. Head back inside the house, go upstairs into the sewing room and pull down the attic door and go upstairs.

The paper to progress to the next section is on the desk in the corner of the room.

The next goal involves getting to the foghorn, which is through the door on the first floor of the mansion.

Cassie will discover Betty’s dead body in the tub to end the second chapter.

At the tree Cassie will discover another hint that will lead toward Chapter 3: The Apple.

Wait for the electric pylons to stop sending charges to pass through them, and follow the green doorways as the audio samples play.

Keep moving through the green doors and follow the poppet dolls. Head past the poppet doll repeating “mommy” and in the next room there’s a grandfather clock. For the clock puzzle, simply set all the hands to 12:00. This will trigger a ghost monster; hide in the nearby chest until the ghost leaves.

Take a snapshot of the papers on the board so Nick can describe what’s in the photographs.

You’ll need to make your way upstairs – but there’s a teacup you’ll need to examine first and an electric switch you’ll need to flip to activate the little poppet girl dolls.

Head upstairs and continue to follow the dolls – avoid being shot by the doll on the track that moves around the house.

Set the clock upstairs to 12:00 and then move through the room off the hall and examine Bosch’s message recorder.

You’ll need to make your way downstairs again, but it will require dodging the ghosts and the little poppet girl with the gun.

When you get downstairs you’ll need to make your way through the door that leads into the basement. Use the Delphi app on the four paintings on the side of the wall to discover the code for the door. It’s: 4253

Head into the room with the old recorder and check out the board; use the Delphi app on the board to discover that it’s an asylum. After Serge calls go into the room and grab the poppet key.

You’ll be able to access the little cubbyhole that leads you through the mansion’s walls. Use the Delphi chat community app to discover how to remove the dead police officer’s helmet from the drain access so you can continue onward toward the exit.

There’s another message from Bosch you can listen to. Beyond that room there’s another doorway that leads through the hallway toward the next message from Bosch. Continue to listen to the messages and then head through the cubbyhole toward the dead body of Bosch.

This will conclude the third chapter.

This leads toward Chapter Four: The Axe.

Examine the papers and use the Delphi app to read them. The areas here are fairly linear, so you don’t have to worry much about getting lost or moving through the maze-like mansion. Here most of the narrative pages are available right there in each room, so you won’t have to go scavenging.

You’ll need to find matches in order to light the pathway blocking the exit door on fire. There’s a list that you can snap a photo of and share on the app. Once the list is rattled off by Nick the cocoon at the far end of the room will open and you can grab the item inside and then proceed into the basement.

Follow the pathway into the room where you can grab the matches off the table. Use the matches on the vines to open the door and exit the cabin.

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