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1452540cookie-checkSteam Direct Will Require $100 Fee From Developers To Publish Games

Steam Direct Will Require $100 Fee From Developers To Publish Games

Valve finally rolled out the pricing details fro Steam Direct, the successor to Steam Greenlight. Over on a Steam community post they explained that they’ll continue to roll out updates for the store discovery in order to help gamers find what they’re looking for, and that they’ll be ending Steam Greenlight in the coming months.

The Steam Direct pricing has been in discussion at Valve since they originally announced it back in February. According to them they’ve settled on $100 for the entry fee from developers who want their game on Steam. Their original price fluctuated between $100 and $5000.

In order to help better filtrate the results of games that may flood onto the marketplace due to Steam Direct, Valve is continuing to put more effort and time into the discovery features of Steam. This is so that people aren’t being bombarded with crap they don’t like. Instead the storefront will attempt to utilize an algorithm to fine tune the offerings according to your tastes in games, using a variety of variables to pump out what you want to see from a digital storefront.

In addition to the front page discovery, there will still be the standard new release tab and updated game section at the bottom of the store. So if you want to see what’s new regardless of its relation to your tastes, you can.

They mention that in the next update they’ll discuss when Steam Greenlight will officially close and when Steam Direct will open. I’m curious how well this will go down because Greenlight didn’t last for very long, and it only came onto the scene back in 2012, lasting just five years. If it means that closing Greenlight will improve the overall versatility and discoverability of software on the storefront, then I can’t complain too much. Valve didn’t put a time stamp on when the next update will arrive, but judging by Valve time I’m assuming it’ll be just before the start of summer or just before summer ends.

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