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1458340cookie-checkFemale Artist Attacked By Trans Community For Gender Swapping Dream Daddy Characters

Female Artist Attacked By Trans Community For Gender Swapping Dream Daddy Characters

[Update: Artist OhNips has apologized after receiving harassment and death threats over the fan art.]

[Original article:] The video game Dream Daddy: A Dad Dating Simulator from Game Grumps has become a runaway success. The game has developed quite the fandom, and has attracted a lot of the people who label themselves as the Progressive Left. Well, one artist going by the handle of OhNips ended up on the wrong side of the “Progressive” community when she decided to gender-swap the characters and draw the main dads from Dream Daddy as females.

The full image was posted up on July 25th, 2017. The image was entitled “Dream MILF” by OhNips.

The response was mostly favorable and garnered quite a lot of support from the gaming community… except one portion of the community took it upon themselves to send death threats to the artist.

It became so caustic that the artist had to lock the account. Images of some of the more harsh comments directed towards OhNips were captured by Twitter user Nick Monroe.

The harassment of OhNips was so bad that the developers had to post a message on Twitter telling people not to harass her for the image. On July 26th, 2017 the developers posted the following message, telling the Dream Daddy community not to harass the artist for her “Dream MILF” picture.

Some people responded to the message defending the harassment, stating that trans have a right to be offended and that their feelings trump OhNips’ feelings.

This has been an ongoing issue for some artists within certain communities.

One Steven Universe artist was bullied into a suicide attempt by the Social Justice Warrior community, as reported by Breitbart. There was also a detailed video about it by AlphaOmegaSin.

This kind of thing has been frequent within SJW communities, but it’s rarely discussed, reported on or admonished by the either the Progressive Left (who are also oftentimes referred to as the “Regressive” Left due to their advocating censorship and violence to subdue opposing ideologies.)

After the flurry of harassment, and enough people showing support for OhNips, the account was unlocked and she advised the community to “move on”.

Dream Daddy: A Dating Simulator is available right now on Steam. The game has moved more than 90,000 copies since releasing on July 20th, according to Steam Spy.

[Update:] It appears OhNips is leaving social media for good due to harassment.

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