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Little Nightmares: The Depths DLC Walkthrough

Tasier Studios and Bandai Namco unleashed the newest DLC for Little Nightmares called The Depth. The content features a new playable character that explores more of the deep, dark Maw and answers a few questions relating to the main story of Little Nightmares. For those of you curious about the new content and looking for some hints, tips and a guided tour of the new chapter, there’s walkthrough guide available.

YouTuber MKIceandFire offers up a quick two-part video series featuring the gameplay content for The Depth, and a walkthrough from start to finish. You can check it out below.

The first chapter starts with a boy in water and a hand reaches up and pulls him beneath the surface. He wakes up from the little nightmare and players are able to jump out of his bed and roam around.

Head out of the bed and toward your left to exit the room. There’s a room with a door tyhat’s open and a hole in the floor. Jump down into the hole and exit the room.

Make your way across the hall and toward the open part of the railing; use the boxes to climb down. Be sure to avoid the watchful eye as you move past the security.

Head down the hallway after the little girl with the flashlight.

You can squeeze between the bars to get into the playroom.

Squeeze through the bars and continue through the bathroom to follow after the other little girl. Use the box in the corner to push it over and climb up top to go through the vent.

Head through the next room and fall down the pipe until you end up in the basement area.

Climb through the broken wooden area and there’s a flashlight on the floor that you can take, be sure to avoid the black soot monsters squirming around.

Run to the end of the corridor and climb up the grated gate until you reach the top.

Proceed to swim through the next area, climb over the gate and there’s another door blocked by a wooden barricade. Pull off the lowest wooden plank and climb through.

There’s a monster in the water in the next segment, so quickly swim to the next platform.

When you get into the area where it’s clogged with black soot monsters, pick up a can and throw it at the soot slugs until they come out. Get them to chase you around until they clear out from the hole so you can climb through it, and get to the next segment.


Climb up to the top of the platform where there’s a lever and raise the water level up to around three quarters of the way to the top. You’ll need the levels low enough so you can head through the opening.

When you get into the water segment, you must move fast otherwise the monster will get you.

Also, don’t stand on the boxes too long or the monster will rock them and dump you into the water. So jump fast.

When you reach the segment with the fish heads, throw one of the pieces of the salmon to the left of the platform to distract the witch in the water.

Once you throw the fish in the water, quickly run to the right and dive into the water.

For the door that’s closed, you’ll need to stand on the loose plank board on the floor until it’s elevated and then quickly run and jump to grab the doorknob.


In the next room you’ll need to climb up on the platform, flick the lever to drain the water and then hop down below. Use the chair to get up on the table.

Break the pot, grab the key, open the door and head into the next room.

There’s a button on the wall that you have to press to lower the water levels so that it’s no longer electrifying the water.

Once the water is low enough, reposition the two boxes so that you can jump across to both of them. Climb up out of the water and then raise the water levels again so you can make the jump across to the other side.

In the next room, do not fall down into the hole; you will die.

Climb through the air vent into the next area where the witch in the water is located. Use the object on the platform to throw it away from the wooden plank so that you can get around to the next platform, as indicated in the video below.

Proceed across the platforms until you get to the end of the area where there are some planks you can climb up.

Head up top and climb through the vent until you land on the bed.

Hop down into the water, climb up the box on to the other side. Climb up the planks and get the crankshaft. Throw the crankshaft into the water.

Hop down into the water and then press the button to lower the water levels. Place the crankshaft onto the box and then move the box over to the leftmost platform. Raise the water levels. Toss the crankshaft onto the platform and then use the crank to raise the door.

You’ll need to work fast because the door will slam shut on you quick.

In the room with the witch, make your way to the platform abreast with the platform that has a television on it. To the left of the platform is another rickety platform with a lever just above it. Jump and pull the lever to raise the water levels.

Hop back into the water and climb up the platform with the television; quickly push the television into the water to electrocute the witch.

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