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1458020cookie-checkNoita Puts Players On A Physics-Simulated Rogue-Lite Adventure

Noita Puts Players On A Physics-Simulated Rogue-Lite Adventure

Nolla Games released their trailer for their side-scrolling rogue-lite adventure, Noita. The theme of the game? Every pixel is simulated. What does this mean? It means every aspect of the environment can be physically or magically manipulated by the player.

The minute long trailer they produced gives gamers a brief look at the way the game handles the physics and the way the magic system works. You can check out the trailer below.

The trailer doesn’t try to spend time trying to sculpt a narrative around the imagery, instead it tries to sculpt viewer interest around the physics.

We see that things like weather, height, and topographical effects all play a huge part in how the world acts and reacts to physics-based influences. Heavy rain will flood pits. Fire can burn through objects. Explosive magic and knock over structures. Cave-ins are a possibility.

We see how playing around with the different physics-based properties can completely alter the play experience. Using cooling magic on lava hardens it enough to create a platform you can walk across. You can fire off corrosive magic that eats away at gear systems, causing the cogs to fall off the machine and crush whatever lies beneath it.

The object of the game is to develop and explore the magical properties that Noita lets you mess around with as you create your own magic spells. The idea is that the more powerful spells you create, the deeper into the cavern you can go.

It’s a lot like Terraria but fused in with a game like Rudra where players get to create the kind of arsenal that they want to use throughout the game. The fun-factors for a game like Noita will obviously boil down to the way the enemy AI is designed and some of the challenges presented to players when it comes to progressing into the deeper levels of the cavern.

There’s no release date set for Noita but you can keep track of development by hitting up the game’s official website.

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