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Portal Knights Update Adds New Island Events, Pet Dog Variations

Keen Games and 505 Games announced that a big new update has dropped for Portal Knights on Steam. The update is available now for PC gamers, but it will be coming soon to the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One as soon as Microsoft and Sony certify the patch.

So what’s new in the update? Well, they’ve added some all new island events to the title, including a new Kolemis Temple Trials Event, which contains three all new quests for players to go on. The three quests include a Trial of Strength, a Trial of Delving, and a Trial of Agility. Each one will test players and their ability in the various disciplines.

Unlike other updates where the new update just throws you into the area, this update forces players to have to unlock a brand new Mediterranean themed island location by completing the three aforementioned trials.

In addition to the new map and new trials, Keen Games also included three new NPC merchants that offer you goods to purchase and use for either upgrading your character with some new digs, or equipping them with some new accessories or weapons.

Another big portion of the update includes three new pet variations for the dogs. They don’t say what the variations are but that’s likely going to be left up to users to experience by experimenting and acquiring the pets for themselves.

The developers also took some time out to improve the variety of different dungeon layouts in Portal Knights, giving gamers more of a reason to not only explore the different biomes but to also check out each of the dungeons that they have to offer, whether solo or teaming up with your best buddies. This also includes some brand new dungeons to explore and new loot to acquire.

And speaking of teaming up with your best buddies… the split-screen feature in Portal Knights has been slightly tweaked so that players now have the option to toggle the layout of the split-screen mode in the game, which is always useful depending on your television style and the aspect ratio.

If you check out the changelog over on the Steam community page, you’ll see that they’ve also added new options for the host to kick players by right clicking on their name and removing them from the server. There’s also new recipes, and new bricks to use to build items with.

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