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1456280cookie-checkXbox One Games Can Soon Be Gifted To Friends

Xbox One Games Can Soon Be Gifted To Friends

Microsoft’s corporate vice president of program management over the Xbox division, Mike Ybarra, had a two-word answer for an Xbox gamer asking about the ability to gift digital games to friends: Not far.

Ybarra responded to an eager-eyed fan who jogged online to pose a question to one of the top dogs of the Xbox division. The candor and excitement obviously poured through the veins of the fan as their words spilled out from their thoughts into a 140 character tweet on Twitter. The response from Ybarra sent a jolt of excitement surging through the veins of the Xbox community.

Digital tears of joy streamed down the faces of loyalists who could do nothing but respond with uninhibited glee. Many thanked Ybarra and the Xbox team and couldn’t wait to try out the feature.

The word spread far and fast from Twitter onto the Xbox One sub-Reddit; excitement and ebullience ravaged the comment section, sending Xbox One owners into a frenzy over the possibility of finally being able to gift games to friends, something Steam users have been doing for years.

This new consumer option would effectively help Microsoft step up their quality of life features to somewhat match those offered by Valve. They’re still a ways off in terms of overall quality and quantity, but Xbox fans don’t care.

We don’t know what the limits or the restrictions will be regarding the gifting options for Xbox One users, or whether or not it will apply to backwards compatible games, but I’m sure Microsoft will unveil all the nitty, gritty details soon enough. In fact, don’t be surprised if they spill some beans at this year’s GamesCom in August. Until then, you’ll just have to sit back and wait to find out exactly how the gifting feature will work on the Xbox platforms.

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