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Fictorum Guide: Here’s How To Fly And Learn All Runes

Scraping Bottom Games just brought its RPG indie title Fictorum to PC, and if you happen to be new and looking for a guide that explains how to fly or use the Runes hopefully this guide will help you out. Fictorum is currently playable for PC via Steam Early Access.

Fictorum was once featured on Steam Greenlight and successfully passed that platform as well as Kickstarter a year ago. The fan-voted and funded indie RPG is currently available to purchase and play right now, but if you happen to be a bit confused as to how some of the mechanics work, like how to fly or the Rune system, hopefully this guide will be of use.

“Fictorum is an action RPG featuring destructible environments, a procedural node-based world map, and dynamic magic shaping.”

The first step to fly calls for you to obtain the Mantle of the Ascended. This piece of armor can only be unlocked upon completing the game on Medium or higher with Hardcore enabled, otherwise you will not be able to gain access to said equipment. After completing the game on medium or higher you will notice that the legendary plate mail will be in your inventory, opting the user to fly.

A video guide showing the above comes in by YouTuber Hoost07.

Next up comes the Rune guide. If you don’t know, there are four main types of Rune elements: Zorric, Volcanic, Glacial, and Lodic. Each of the listed Rune types are followed by the Runes in the game: Chain Reaction, Concentrate, Magic Reach, High Explosive, High Impact, Multi-Shot, Manifest, Persist, Pierce, Slow, Spread, Stun, Echo, and Efficiency.

The same YouTuber has another video detailing each of the Runes for you to watch in a near 11 minute long package.

As of now, Fictorum has a Steam Early Access rating of “Mixed” and runs for $19.99. Additional information on the devs and this game can be found over on

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