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Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice Gameplay Walkthrough

Ninja Theory’s Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice is now available for PS4 and PC. The third-person, story-oriented hack and slash game is also filled with a bit of light puzzle solving. If you’re in need of a gameplay walkthrough there is one available for you.

The whole game can be completed in just about six hours. You can check out the full gameplay walkthrough playlist below courtesy of Shirrako.

After the first seven minutes of the intro, you’ll walk through a predefined path after looking at a symbol on a stone relic.

There’s no other options for you but to press forward along the linear path.

After you get to the other stone tablet, there’s another symbol on it. Look at it to trigger a sound clip, which explains the different realms, including Helheim, where the dead reside and where Senua has traveled to.

Follow the linear path until you reach the gate with the symbol on it.

The puzzle involves finding the symbol on the wall. The symbol is cast on the wall from the shadow. Focus on the wall with the symbol as indicated in the image below.


Continue to follow the path toward the next door where a cinematic will play and a short combat sequence will ensue.

You have a parry button, a block button, a kick to push enemies back and a standard sword attack. Square is for fast strikes; Triangle is for heavy strikes; Circle performs melee attacks; R1 is to block; and ‘X’ is to evade/parry.

Fight the monsters until the black shadow monsters appear – if you are defeated by the shadow monsters, you’ll learn that the more you fail the more the darkness will spread through Senua’s body until it reaches her head and takes over her.

Head through the door leading toward the first boss and proceed to entryway blocked by stone with Valravn’s symbol on it.

Head back up the path and look through the bone archway using the Focus mode to open up the pathway with the symbol on it.


After fighting the Northmen, head into the door and solve the raven puzzle. In order to do so you’ll need to align the symbols in Senua’s vision to match Valravn’s.

Head through the pathway to the left of the door and go up onto the platform overlooking the symbols. Symply look at them to align the ravens with the symbol on the door to open it.

Follow the pathway to the next door with a Valravn symbol on it. There’s a pathway that leads up to another platform that overlooks the door you need to get through, follow the pathway around past the riverbed and toward the small spiral stairwell that will allow you to piece together the raven symbols and open the door.

The next door will be blocked, but head to the right and there’s another pathway that leads to an arena where you have to fight some more Northmen. Pay attention to the voices in case they try to circle around behind you – the voices will warn you about an attack from behind.

Continue toward the next Valravn door. You’ll eventually happen upon lots of raven symbols hanging from the trees.

Travel around to the encampment with the ladder that leads to the lookout. Before going up there’s a small crevice you can crawl under that leads to a tablet with a symbol on it; focus on it.

Proceed to open the gate and proceed toward the bridge and push it down.

If you move back across the field and look through one of the gates, it will lower the bridge on the overlook. Go back up top and look through the gate and it will cause half the ravens to disappear.

Head down under the bridge and look through the gate.

Go to the small platform with the torches on it; there’s a ladder on the side.

Go up the ladder and look through the gate to make the other ravens disappear.

Head back down and the ravens that align in front of the door with the symbol on it will allow you access inside.

Once through the door, one final illusion puzzle will block your way. On the right side there’s a small pathway with a ladder that leads up to a gate. Look through the gate to open another pathway that was previously blocked near the entrance.

Climb down and then go up the recently uncovered pathway; travel across the tree branches up to the platform with the second gate. Go through it and walk up the painted tree into the nest. This will allow you to unlock the gate.


After completing the puzzle there will be another cinematic.

A boss fight will ensue. Just dodge his attacks and use the basic combos to defeat him.

If you time your block just right, you can block the projectiles and knock them back at Valravn.

When he turns invisible and the voices shout “Focus”, use Senua’s Focus ability to bring him back into view.

Continue through the pathways opened up for you.

There’s not much in the way of gameplay until you reach another arena area with a door with symbols on it that look like a stained glass window.

Defeat the enemies to proceed to the next challenge. The one enemy with the shield can be difficult but wait for him to strike and then attack his exposed body.

Head through the door toward Surt, the fire giant.

Follow the pathway until you reach the door with the ‘N’ ‘Y’ symbol on it. You’ll have to defeat some Northmen before you can proceed.

The symbols will float around on the screen. The ‘N’ is up on a platform where two wooden pools are located. Look at them to activate the ‘N’.


The ‘Y’ looking symbol is in the distance. You’ll find it amongst the trees on the horizon in the distance. Look to the distance; look to the horizon.


Proceed to the fire gate and you’ll need to fight a few more Northmen. A gate to the left will open up leading to a edifice for Surt.

A fiery cinematic will play and you’ll need to move through the pathway toward the bridge, but the entryway to Surt is blocked, so you’ll need to go back around and under the bridge.

Move to the pyre and activate the Surt relic and continue to move along the set path until you reach the next tablet.

Go to the door with the symbols on them. There will be a dagaz and an ‘R’ symbol. Head up to the top of the burnt house and when you overlook the scorched earth below, you will see the ‘R’.


Proceed to the trees just below the door and you will see the dagaz shaped symbol amongst the collapsed wooden pillars.


Activate the next pyre and head through the burning cinematic toward the ring of fire.

Fight the flaming Northmen and proceed through the fire door.

There’s yet another door that’s locked with three more symbols on it.

The first symbol — the Norse symbol for “thorn”, has a line with what looks like a ‘P’ in the middle — is located on top of the destroyed structure, look toward the rooftop of the other building to spot it out.


The second symbol, Norse for “joy”, which looks like a capital ‘P’ , is located inside a house on the second floor. It’s toward the end of the room, as indicated in the image below


The last symbol is down on the ground level on the side of one of the ashen buildings. There’s a misshapen cross-like symbol on the side of the house. Look up to the side of the building to activate the symbol.


After completing the puzzle yet another long cinematic will play and then you will fight Surt.

Dodge his attacks and chop him down. Use the Focus ability to deal additional damage.

When Surt bends the knee, DO NOT STOP attacking him. Attack him as quickly and as hard as possible until he relents. Rinse and repeat until he’s defeated.

He’s much easier than Valravn because he can be attacked more frequently, and thus his fight goes by a lot faster because he doesn’t have as many stop-and-go moments. However, Surt’s attacks do far more damage, so avoid being hit.

Head back through the gates from whence you came, traveling toward the door to Helheim.

An extremely long cinematic will play after going through the door.

Fight your way across the bridge and battle the sub-boss through the next door, along with the other minions. Don’t be afraid to use your focus to fight them.

A red door just up ahead will have several symbols on it. The area containing the symbols is located on the dock. You can find the area by going to the Viking boat below. Stand on the boat and look up toward the dock where their stairwell is, as pictured below.


The first symbol is located up inside the dock where some metal rings hang from the ceiling.


The second symbol is also just inside the room as well. Align the metal cross so that it looks like Norse symbol for othala.


The last symbol, the X, is also hanging from the chains on the ceiling.


After the puzzle, another cinematic will play. Follow the linear pathway through the ship graveyard.

Continue following the path up toward the sword in the open tree.

You’ll have to complete Odin’s trials before you can get the sword.

During the first trial, for Baldr go across the bridge and activate the face and it will repair the bridge.

Head up the platform and activate the symbol on the door.

Go to the other side and push the bridge down and then activate the face to make it dark again and then you’ll be able to solve the symbol puzzle for wealth. Head through the gate and go into the hall where the wealth symbol will appear as a light casting near some boxes.


Another puzzle up ahead will require you to uncover the Norse symbol of tyr, which looks like an up arrow. You’ll find it in another light casting from the sun.


You’ll also need to find the Norse symbol for “man”. You’ll find it in the world of darkness just outside overlooking the bridge, as indicated in the image below.


The final symbol you’ll have to unlock is the Norse symbol for “yew”. You’ll have to go around to the other side of the wall where the tyr symbol was located and you’ll find it by going outside and looking at the wall.


Once you complete that trial you’ll move on to the next.

In the swamp of death you’ll need to first repair the bridge to get into the house.

Move back and forth through the gateways until you repair the stairs to the tower ad then use the lookout tower to look at the broken bridge to repair it.

Once inside the house, there will be three more symbols you’ll have to find three symbols while racing through the maze.

Race through the maze to look at the three symbols and then race back to the door. Avoid the fire creature while focusing on the three symbols.

Once you acquire the three symbols, head back to the door and go through it to complete the trial.

The next trial focuses on the sword Tyrfing.

Follow the linear path into the catacombs for the trials.

Move through the area and light all the torches to find the right way toward the exit.

In the next trial, Senua will end up in a dark place. You have to rely on sound to guide her through a dark place.

The segment only has faint images of objects in the distance… just keeping moving toward the objects to find your way through the dark.

Continue t move through the linear path until you get to the house with the monster inside. You’ll need to slowly walk past the monster until you reach the end and go through the door to the left.

In the next segment, move through the camp where the monsters are – avoid touching them or moving in the direction where Senua fades away.

The camp segment is basically just a stealth segment. Follow the gates until you reach the entryway leading into the stone house.

Go into the wall of the dead and move toward the light until you get to the end.

Once you finish the trial you’ll be able to go retrieve the sword.

Hellblade - The Dead Well

Grab the sword and proceed to fight against the ghostly Northmen. You can only defeat them by using the Focus.

Once the cinematics are done, head across the beachfront toward the tower leading up into the mountain.

You’ll find three more Norse symbols on the door inside the cave under the mountain.

You’ll have to go down into the water and stay in the light to avoid the shadow dragon.

Keep moving to the lights while moving close enough to activate the runes. Head back and grab the torch from the cauldron and light up the torches along the way deeper into the cavern.

You’ll find the first rune at the very end of the tunnel located between some wood trappings in the water.


The second rune is located on the floor, and you have to look down on it from the stairs that lead down to the catacombs. You’ll find the symbol on the rune imagery on the ground, as indicated in the picture below.

The last rune symbol for the mountain puzzle is located through one of the gated rooms. There will be a plaque on the wall and an unlit torch on the ground. Light the torch and look at the plaque to activate the final rune.


The next task involves moving down the chasm to find Dillion’s head.

Follow the linear pathway down to the head. You’ll have to fight some dudes and then access a rune on the door. The symbol for the rune is just up the stairs to your right after you light the torch overlooking the chasm.


When you get down to the door with the rune symbol on it, you’ll find the actual symbol nearby. Rune through the waterfall and knock down the platform leading to the other side of the cave.

Go back from whence you came and relight the torch and proceed to light up all the torches leading around to the area where you knocked the bridge down. This will cast a shadow for the rune on the plaque hanging on the wall, and it will activate the rune so you can open the door.

Head into the lair of the beast.

Fight the shadow dragon.

Listen for the sounds of his claws to dodge his attacks and use the Focus ability to deal damage to him.

Rinse and repeat until he dies.

Move further into the mountain and your first task will be to repair the bridge. Head up the steps and move around to look at the bridge to repair it.

Fight some mobs, move up the stairs and look down on the bridge to repair the second part.

Move through the door next to the torch to go through the tunnel to reach the upper crevice that overlooks the bridge, where you’ll be able to repair the third part of the bridge.

Once you get passed the bridge, there are more cinematics and an arena fight against more mobs.

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