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1459790cookie-checkLawbreakers Launched With Lower Player-Count Than Battleborn, States Report

Lawbreakers Launched With Lower Player-Count Than Battleborn, States Report

It looks like Cliffy B., doesn’t have the Midas touch. The newly launched Lawbreakers, which arrived on digital store shelves for PC and PS4 August 7th, has managed to rapidly lose its concurrent playerbase and now sits outside of Steam’s top 100 most played games only three days after release.

The news comes courtesy of Githyp, which recorded the massive drop-off after monitoring the game’s performance throughout the beta.

They have some really awful news, stating that the game is moving along a sales trajectory that could be even worse than Battleborn, writing…

“Now, LawBreakers has officially launched on Steam, and despite very positive reviews, the player counts are lower than ever. 60% lower than the beta to be exact with the game’s launch night topping out at 3k concurrent players.


“We had originally compared the low player counts to one of last year’s biggest class-based shooter flops, Battleborn. Sadly, that comparison might now be a bit generous considering that Battleborn launched with a peak of 12k players which ranked it as high as #19 on Steam’s most played list.”

This news comes out just as Blizzard Entertainment announced that their Social Justice-friendly shooter, Overwatch, now has a free-for-all deathmatch mode that’s available for those in the public test realm. Some see it as an affront against Cliff Bleszinski and Boss Key Productions as a way to take what little thunder the futuristic shooter may have had.

However, Blizzard didn’t have to do much to pilfer interest from Lawbreakers because the game only managed to sell 33,000 copies on Steam over the course of the past week, according to Steam Spy.

According to Valve’s Steam stats, the game is no where near the top 100 most played games on Steam. The latest data for August 10th shows that the list bottoms out with Bandai Namco’s Tekken 7, and the multiplayer-only Lawbreakers is even further down outside the range of the top listed games.


The fact that the game can no longer even crack the top 100 just a week after launching is a really bad sign for the game.

It instantly makes you wonder if Nexon would consider turning the game free-to-play to compensate for the game’s poor player-count?

Lawbreakers is $29.99 at the moment on PC and PS4. I guess adding a diverse cast of characters didn’t really help reach a more diverse demographic, eh?

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