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Madden NFL 18 Longshot Endings Explained

Electronic Arts and Tiburon Studios tried something new with Madden NFL 18 by introducing a story mode called Longshot. The new story mode features Devin Wade and Colt Cruise attempting to do the impossible: go from small town home heroes, all the way up to the big leagues of the NFL. For gamers who want a quick recap of the game’s story and the various endings, this article will help explain the various good and bad endings of the story mode.

The game starts with Devin Wade as a child, playing football with his dad and his best friend, Colt Cruise.

The game then fast-forwards to Devin and Colt when they’re in their 20s. The two attempt to tryout for the draft combine for the NFL. Two producers, however, offer Devin an opportunity to join a reality TV show called Longshot. Devin eventually joins the show but struggles to impress the coach, Jack Ford.

The executive producer of the show eventually forces Jack Ford to select Devin because of his sob story. It turns out that a big part of Devin’s life was his father, who inspired him to become the football player that he became. However, after joining the University of Texas and playing for the Longhorns, Devin ended up quitting following the unfortunate passing of his father.

Madden NFL 18 Longshot - The Dad

Unable to cope with the loss of his father, Devin bailed and joined the U.S. Army, where he spent the next three years of his life.

During the Longshot reality TV program, Devin continues to struggle to keep up with the regiment required of him. Colt reveals he received a separate NFL tryout opportunity, but he gives it up in order to join the Longshot show to help Jack Ford with Devin in order to get him through the reality TV program.

Nevertheless, Devin eventually quits when the executive producer, Ross Fountain, puts too much pressure on him, especially after the timetable for learning quarterback plays are sped up and he’s put on the spot to play against some former NFL players.

Colt and Devin end up heading back to Texas, where the two suffer through a strained friendship and eventually end up getting into a fight, where Colt gets angry for Devin screwing up their chances of success and Devin gets angry at Colt for having to drag him through life.

Madden NFL 18 - Longshot Colt and Devin

After the fight, the two end up making up after attending a high-school reunion and Julia Vasco, an associate producer on Longshot, ends up talking the two back into joining Longshot.

Back at the show, Julia ends up replacing Ross Fountain as the executive producer and gives Devin more time to train and prep for the season finale. Devin also receives some extra help and training from football great Dan Marino. Eventually he and Colt go on to compete in the season finale of Longshot where they take on young, former NFL superstars looking for a second chance at the big leagues.

The tag-team win the season finale and then wait for their moment during the NFL draft.

Madden NFL 18 - Colt Guitar

The first ending sees Devin getting drafted while Colt becomes a small time, honky-tonk country singer

The second ending sees Colt getting drafted. However, Devin doesn’t get drafted but Dan Marino makes some calls and gets Devin an opportunity to sign with the same team that Colt signed with.

The third ending sees Colt getting drafted to the NFL and Devin doesn’t. Devin gets a call from Dan Marino and ends up joining with another team at the last minute, but he and Colt end up on separate teams despite both of them ending up in the NFL.

The final ending involves Colt getting drafted and Devin doesn’t. However, the Washington Redskins coach will call and offer Devin a last-minute position on the team so that he can join up with Colt. Devin accepts and the two live out their dream as NFL superstars.

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