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1460740cookie-checkMass Effect: Andromeda Fails As An SJW Game, Bioware Ceases Single-Player Updates

Mass Effect: Andromeda Fails As An SJW Game, Bioware Ceases Single-Player Updates

Diversity hires, game developers sharing racist anti-white sentiments on social media, unappealing characters, and a poorly made story all contributed to Mass Effect: Andromeda turning into a sociopolitical hotbed that eventually led to its odious sales. Well, the further nail in the coffin for this particular outing comes in the form of updates and content patches for the single-player portion of Mass Effect: Andromeda being brought to an end.

BioWare announced over on their official website that Mass Effect: Andromeda

Rumors had persisted that there would be no single-player DLC for BioWare Montreal’s game, and now the developers have confirmed it on their site, where they explain…

“Our last update, 1.10, was the final update for Mass Effect: Andromeda. There are no planned future patches for single-player or in-game story content.”

A lot of fans had hoped that there would be single-player DLC to help continue the story after the cliffhanger that took place at the end of the story.

Electronic Arts has basically kept mum about any sort of new expansion content for the game. Every time investors, gamers or journalists would pepper EA about questions regarding Mass Effect: Andromeda, they avoided talking about it.

While the Mass Effect brand is still obviously important for the publisher, they had mentioned in a previous report that they would be putting the brand on hiatus for now after revealing that BioWare Montreal was downsizing and being put into a support role for the Motive Studios.

This is now the nail in the coffin for this particular outing, because they won’t even be supporting Mass Effect: Andromeda with any future updates. According to YongYea, the rest of the story for the game will be told through the comic books.

Following the Andromeda disaster, former creative lead, Casey Hudson, was brought back in to work as the general manager over BioWare, taking over duties for Aaryn Flynn and the direction for BioWare’s upcoming Anthem.

Most games are supported for about a year before a developer calls it quits. BioWare will continue to support the multiplayer but they won’t be putting anymore effort into the single-player content.

Mass Effect: Andromeda fell off the charts after it debuted in March, and has even had trouble gaining an audience with a free trial that’s currently available right now.

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